Jojo Siwa defends girlfriend Avery Cyrus from Chuck E. Cheese

Forever a child at heart! JoJo Siwa responded after a social media troll criticized her for having a girlfriend Avery Cyrus with Chuck E. Cheese on a date—and she wasn’t ashamed of the restaurant she’d chosen.

“You know what I like best about it? This girl woke up today and said, “You know what? I will hate Jojo Siwa for asking Avery out with Chuck E. Cheese.” — Siwa, 19 said via TikTok Thursday, September 15th. “It’s like I haven’t been a giant baby all my life. It’s my duty.”

In the original clip, posted the day before, the critic dances to 21 Savage’s “Dip Dip” with the caption “As I walk knowing I’ve never asked anyone out on a date with Chuck E. Cheese.”

The Nebraska native and Cyrus, 22, first sparked romance rumors earlier this month when they posted on TikTok a conversation between Kourtney Kardashian as well as Scott Disick. “We are friends”, – dance moms said alum along with the sound from the past Keep up with the Kardashians episode.

Cyrus, for her part, responded, “Purely platonic.” After Siwa started laughing, the content creator mouthed, “What’s funny?”

A week later, the couple confirmed they were dating through a second TikTok video in which the couple enjoyed a walk in a mouse-themed diner. The video shows the lovers posing for photos in a photo booth, and one picture shows a sweet kiss between them.

On Thursday, the pair were spotted enjoying a romantic afternoon in Los Angeles together before making their red carpet debut at a movie premiere. Alanis Morissette musical Notched small tablet.

Before her affair with the Texas native HSMTMTS the actress was previously associated with Kylie Prue. The duo confirmed their relationship in February 2021, just a month after Siwa’s release.

“After being my best friend for over a year, I started calling this exceptional person my girlfriend on January 8, 2021… and I have been the happiest person ever since!” — wrote the Boomerang singer in a cute post on Instagram in honor of the couple’s anniversary. “She is seriously the most loving, supportive, happiest, most protective and simply the most beautiful perfect person in the world. And I can call her mine! Happy month to my baby girl! I love you more and more every day!❤️”.

While Team Jay the producer talked about how the couple worked hard to make their relationship work. “We are both very honest and we tell each other where we are going, what we are doing,” Siwa said exclusively. Us weekly in August 2021. “For example, trust is a huge thing at a distance. And I think it works because of our trust in each other.”

However, two months later Us confirmed that the exes broke up less than a year after their Instagram relationship went official. Although they briefly rekindled their romance earlier this year, Siwa revealed what she ultimately looked for in a partner.

“Look, I really want to cuddle, buddy. I am not ashamed to admit it,” she said. Us in November 2021. “Hugging is great. The films are good. Kissing is great. … I don’t mind [dating]if tomorrow someone enters my life who I think is wonderful and treat me great[ly]. Will I act very slowly because of the position I’m in? Absolutely. But will it hurt anyone to have a hug date? Not.”

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