Jon Hamm discusses reunion with his Mad Men co-star John Slattery in Confession, Fletch

Jon Hamm, who also produced Confess, Fletch, said he enjoyed the on-screen reunion with John Slattery and appreciates the opportunity to include advice to Mad Men fans in the film. “It’s fun. John is my good friend. I love working with him,” Hamm said. “I enjoyed working with him for the better part of a decade, and I knew the audience would have a lot of fun seeing it.”

Frank was a character that appeared in the original Fletch films with Chevy Chase (then played by Richard Libertini), and as such, he will be familiar to fans of those films. “Confess, Fletch” makes it clear that the relationship between Fletch and Frank is enduring, and Hamm noted that the lightness the story brings to the dynamic between the two characters is one of the reasons he was especially happy that Slattery played the part. role.

“There’s something about watching people who are very comfortable with each other work together, and there’s a richness and depth to that relationship that works for the character as well,” Hamm remarked. “These characters have known each other in our world for decades, have worked together and have known each other for quite some time, and they share a common history. . It’s very nice to watch.”

Confess, Fletch is available in theaters and digitally.

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