Jon Snow finally breaks his silence on the House of the Dragon

Before House of the Dragon went on the air, the cast of Game of Thrones were understandably worried about how the audience reception would be. Spin-offs are an incredibly delicate feat, and with a series as massive as Game of Thrones, the task can be even more difficult. The stars of the original expressed their concerns and hopes, ranging from expectations of production quality to warm welcome and advice for the new line-up.

The take on the “House of the Dragon” that stood out from the rest was Kit Harington, who told insider that it “could be painful” to watch. His reasons lie in the deep sentimentality he has for the original show and that he will miss being part of Westeros. He adds encouragingly that he’ll be watching the prequel, of course, and wishes them all the best.

Recently, Harington expanded on his earlier comments with what he thinks of “House of the Dragon”. Entertainment tonight in Canada. He praised the series, saying, “I really like it. I think they did a fantastic job.” Harington went on to cite the complexities involved in making such a monumental spin-off: “It’s weird to start a brand new show in the same field and make it your own thing, and I think they really did it. “

ET then tried to ask about expanding Harington’s role at Marvel after 2021’s The Eternals, but with years of training in secrecy under his belt since Game of Thrones, he’s been tight-lipped about any unofficial news about the Black Knight.

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