Jordin Woods poses in sheer jumpsuit as fans demand that Khloe Kardashian apologize for Tristan Thompson’s scandal

JORDIN Woods, who was spotted lip joint with Tristan Thompson many years ago, shared her first Instagram post after the NBA ballerina’s loud admission that he had a baby with another woman.

In the series, a 24-year-old man poses in front of an indoor pool.


Jordin Ostracized After She Was Caught With Tristan ThompsonCredit: Instagram
Khloe Kardashian lashed out at Jordin after being caught kissing Tristan


Khloe Kardashian lashed out at Jordin after being caught kissing TristanCredit: Instagram / @ khloekardashian

She wears tight black jumpsuit with a strategic opening that reveals her cleavage and reveals that she’s not wearing anything under her clothes.

Jordin’s gaze is impassive as she stares into the lens.

She signed the photo: “New Year, better than me.”

Jordin made headlines in 2019 after she was caught “kissing” Chloe’s little dad when the reality TV star was pregnant with their three-year-old daughter Tru.

Kar-Jenners has removed the longtime family friend as a model from her various brands and has ended the makeup collaboration between her and Kylie Jenner.

While 37-year-old Chloe and 30-year-old Tristan broke up over a kiss, they managed to reconcile during a pandemic when they were in quarantine together.

However, they broke off relations in the summer after new rumors of fraud emerged, including that the athlete “disappeared into a bedroom with three women at a party.”


Tristan is now in a fever again after the NBA star welcomed a newborn son with fitness model Maralie Nichols, and fans now want Chloe to release Jordin out of the kennel for her actions years ago.

Instagram gossip page, Hollywood unlocked shared a series of tweets in support of Jordin after the trio went viral on Twitter.

They summed up the fan reaction in a caption to the caption: “Jordin Woods is trending again after the news that Tristan Thompson has fathered his third child with another woman.

Should Khloe Kardashian finally apologize to her for initially blaming Jordin for breaking up her family over the 2019 kissing scandal? Or should Chloe just focus on peaceful healing? “

One man’s tweet read, “And they tried to blame Jordin Woods for this problem?”

Another replied, “Great news. What Chloe needs to do is apologize to Jordin Woods, ”adding a previous tweet in which Chloe beat Jordin after the 2019 scandal.

Others supported Jordin in her message from the famous family after the incident, writing in one tweet: “So let me put it bluntly, Khloe Kardashian and her sisters slandered Jordin Woods and acted like she was a problem, keep in mind, that the family is known for dating. took the men, while Chloe forgave Tristan, and now she has been cheated AGAIN. “


Earlier this week, Tristan took to Instagram to confirm the post: “Today’s paternity test results show that I gave birth to a child with Maralie Nichols.”

“I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son together. “

In another story, he also wrote a personal apology to the mother of one of them. Tristan said, “Chloe, you don’t deserve this. You do not deserve the mental pain and humiliation that I have caused you. “

He continued, “You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you over the years. My actions were definitely not in line with how I feel about you. “

Tristan is also the father of Prince’s 5-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.


As for Jordin, she is currently dating Karl-Anthony Townes of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The famous athlete made Jordin’s Christmas very memorable as he decided to give her a new car for $ 150,000.

A model posed in front of her brand new Porsche Taycan when the brown luxury car was topped with a white bow, and it turned out that Jordin had also donated a Louis Vuitton jacket.

She was shocked and signed the post: “Damn it !! I thought last night was enough, and then I woke up from it !! “

Jordin snorted about her man, “My eternal Santa !! I love you! I’m speechless! You always make me feel like a queen! “

Jordin showed off her revealing black jumpsuit


Jordin showed off her revealing black jumpsuitCredit: Instagram
Jordin also danced in the outfit in the TikTok video.


Jordin also danced in the outfit in the TikTok video.Credit: Tik Tok.
Tristan admitted that he became the father of a child from Maral Nichols


Tristan admitted that he became the father of a child from Maral NicholsCredit: Instagram / maraleenichols

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