Jordin Woods shows off her curves in a see-through bodysuit as Khloe Kardashian’s nemesis deals with the Tristan Thompson scandal

KHLOE nemesis Kardashian Jordin Woods sparkled while posing in a skinny jumpsuit.

The 24-year-old model and socialite delighted fans with a series of sexy looks in a purple printed dress that hugs her shape.


Jordin Woods shone in a tight jumpsuit, showing off her shapeCredit: Instagram / Jordin Woods
The model, who was kicked out of the Kardashian family in 2019, has added a designer bag and jewelry.


The model, who was kicked out of the Kardashian family in 2019, has added a designer bag and jewelry.Credit: Instagram / Jordin Woods

Jordin, who recently celebrated her 30-pound weight loss, turned in profile for a few shots, giving her Instagram followers a chance to see her toned buttock.

She looked wistful as she gazed out onto the horizon, posing face to face with a sparkling Chanel handbag slung over her shoulder.

In later images, she flashed a wide smile while sitting on a wooden table.

Jordin complemented her all-in-one with sparkling silver shoes, a matching neck chain and a watch.

She pulled her dark tresses into a low bun and added black mascara and coral glitter to complete her perfectly painted look.

Jordin, who sparked a huge controversy after being caught ‘kissing’ with then-Chloe man Tristan Thompson in 2019, added the caption: “What’s meant for you will always find you, even if you feel like it’s already passed by you💜. “

One fan quickly rushed to comment, “This is Jordin’s season 🧿✨🧿✨🧿” and another wrote, “You definitely didn’t need this situation. You shine! “

The other just said, “Just wow 😍.”

Then one of them made an explicit reference to the cheating scandal and added, “This is what you call leveling up … Kardashian, who ??? Jenner, what !!!!! “

Jordin’s loyal fans recently stated that she was sending a secret message to Chloe’s enemy when she posed in a different lewd outfit.


Jordin was the best friend of Khloe’s half-sister Kylie Jenner before the kissing scandal that kicked her out of the famous family.

The family removed Jordin as a model from their various brands and ended the makeup collaboration between her and Kylie.

Although 37-year-old Chloe and 30-year-old Tristan broke up over a kiss, they managed to make up during the pandemic when they went to quarantine with their 3-year-old daughter Tru.

However, they broke up in the summer after more cheating rumors surfaced, including that the athlete “disappeared into a bedroom with three women at a party.”


News broke this year that 30-year-old Tristan is fathering a son with Maralie Nichols after they reportedly had a secret romance for months.

The fitness guru filed a paternity support suit against Tristan, claiming that they conceived a child on the night of his birthday in March – at the time he was dating Chloe.

A source previously shared, “Chloe was shocked to the core when she found out about this, and even more shocked at how she found out.

“It wasn’t Tristan who told her, these were social media posts that her team received long before the story came out.”

They continued, “Chloe can now say that they broke up since spring, but that’s not the whole story.

“She actually gave Tristan a ‘last chance’ – he was in therapy, stayed alone and didn’t get in trouble, and then they were going to see where they were.”


Tristan received a lot of backlash for his actions as Chloe’s mom Kris Jenner was “furious” about the news.

Even Teen Mom OG alumnus Farrah Abraham joined her thoughts by writing on social media, “Fuck female rapists, fuck abortion, fuck @ realtristan13. Get a vasectomy, JAMANES!

“These poor children! Jesus! “


Jordin’s followers are now demanding an apology from Chloe for their idol after the extent of Tristan’s betrayal became clear.

Now they want Chloe to release Jordin from the kennel for her actions many years ago.

Instagram gossip page, Hollywood unlocked shared a series of tweets in support of Jordin after the trio went viral on Twitter.

They summarized the fan reaction in a caption: “Jordin Woods is trending again after the news that Tristan Thompson has become the father of his third child with another woman.

Should Khloe Kardashian finally apologize to her for initially blaming Jordin for destroying her family over the 2019 kissing scandal? Or should Chloe just focus on peaceful healing? “

One man’s tweet read, “And they tried to blame Jordin Woods for this problem?”

Another replied, “Great news. What Chloe needs to do is apologize to Jordin Woods, “including a previous tweet about Chloe beating up Jordin after the 2019 scandal.

Others supported Jordin for being treated by a famous family after the one tweet incident: “So let me be clear about this, Khloe Kardashian and her sisters slandered Jordin Woods and acted like she was a problem, keep in mind that family known for her relationship. took the men, and Chloe forgave Tristan, and now they cheated on her AGAIN.

Jordin flashed a cheeky smile as she sat down on the table.


Jordin flashed a cheeky smile as she sat down on the table.Credit: Instagram / Jordin Woods
Jordin was ostracized by the Kardashian family after being caught


Jordin was ostracized by the Kardashian family after being caught “kissing”; with the father of Khloe Kardashian’s child Tristan Thompson1 credit
Jordin's fans demanded an apology from Chloe after the full extent of Tristan's infidelity was revealed.


Jordin’s fans demanded an apology from Chloe after the full extent of Tristan’s infidelity was revealed.Credit: Instagram / khloekardashian
Fans of Jordin Woods think she’s sending a “message” to Khloe Kardashian’s enemy, calling for “haters” in a new sexy video.

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