Josh Harris of Deadliest Catch explains why starting a new team is a challenge

Each of the fishing boats in Deadly Catch is staffed by a team of sailors, engineers and rookies who band together in pursuit of the world’s most coveted seafood. According to Captain Josh Harris, recruiting a new crew can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding young sailors. Harris said the physically demanding style of fishing STROY Series panel, less attractive to the new wave of fishermen. “Millenials are really good at technical things,” says Harris, “but not many people want to go out and really do old school, 20 hours a day, pushing things that weigh as much as their car and screaming all the time.” .

Harris and Captain Jake Anderson agreed that fishing veterans, especially those with family boats, have an advantage when it comes to maintaining their crews. “I am young. I don’t have the reputation that these three have. Sig spent years building his team – same with Keith. [Colburn]the same with [Wild] Bill.” Anderson also argued that young fishermen do not want to be at sea for months at a time.

The hesitation to join the ranks of sailors may also be related to the recent decline in the number of snow crab in the Bering Sea, likely as a result of climate change. Between 2019 and 2021, researchers found a 99% decline in the population of young female snow crab, and as a result, the industry could be seriously reduced (via KTOO). In 2021, the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the closure of the crab fishery (via Alaska Public Media).

However, it’s easy for seasoned fishermen like Captain Wild Bill to remain unconcerned in the face of disappointing data. “With Sig,” Bill joked, “you have to marry a family member to be the new boyfriend.”

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