Josh Harris of Deadliest Catch reveals how he felt when he discovered his father’s cards

It’s no surprise that Josh Harris’ discovery of his father’s cards eventually led to a touching family story, given how vocal the Deadly Catch star has been about continuing the legacy of the late captain.

“I just want to live with a good heart, be as good a captain as he is…and just have fun even when it’s shitty,” Josh told the portal. Entertainment Weekly.

Despite this love, the fisherman’s initial reaction to the discovery of the documents was far less rosy than might have been expected. In an interview with Monsters and criticsthe crab catcher described the moment as “very creepy”.

“Seeing the old man’s handwriting… I haven’t seen him in a long time,” Josh said. “So it was like, ‘What the hell am I looking at? Why are these cards on the boat?”

Even after a professional angler got the hang of the charts, he didn’t immediately get serious about the issue on a larger scale. Thankfully, what started as a random idea to check out the fishing business in Hawaii quickly picked up steam, providing the captain with a new way to honor his father’s legacy and giving Deadly Catch viewers a new show to tune in to (even if some fans think Deadly Catch: Bloodlines is not worth watching).

“At first I was joking, and then it turned from a joke into reality, and here we are today,” Josh said. “It was pretty crazy.”

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