Josh Seps Fact-Checks Joe Rogan’s Live Podcast

Josh Seps appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience talking to the host about issues ranging from Covid-19 to aliens.

Joe Rogan was brilliantly shut down by an Australian journalist on his podcast after making a false statement about the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Josh Seps, who previously hosted Weekend Breakfast on ABC News, appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience for extensive communication with the UFC commentator and comedian.

But things escalated when the conversation turned to myocarditis – inflammation of the heart.

In a video that has gone viral, Rogan said there is an adverse risk of myocarditis among boys associated with Covid-19 vaccines.

Seps responded with a fact check of its own, showing that boys are much more likely to get heart inflammation after a coronavirus infection than after a vaccination.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Rogan replied.

“So it is,” Seps said.

“Let’s see, because I don’t think that’s true,” Rogan said.

The duo then explored Article by a new scientist this confirmed Seps’s claim.

The article says a preliminary study found heart inflammation was six times more likely to occur after contracting Covid than with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Seps later tweeted, “Well, [Joe Rogan] and I chatted for 185 minutes. Even when we disagree, I fucking love this curious puppy. Tune in if you dare.

The duo also clashed with claims by American commentators that Australia is like a “concentration camp” due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Seps said the tone of the talk about restrictions from people like citizen journalist Tim Pool was unsettling.

“It has become much harder for people like me to make human rights trade-offs, let’s look at health trade-offs, let’s try to evaluate what is reasonable and what is not when you have it all. the chatter is coming from some of these alt-right people who are literally saying…”

Rogan then interrupted him and said that Tim Pool was not alt-right.

“And Maajid [Nawaz] also not alt-right,” Rogan continued.

“That’s an unfair assessment… you’re using that derogatory term to brush off what they’re saying.”

Rogan said Americans are concerned about the situation in Australia.

“You would think of Australia as this wild free place and you see it and you say oh my god they are going back to what they were,” Rogan said.

Seps said some people did not do enough fact checking before commenting on the situation in Australia.

“If you don’t call them concentration camps and admit that Australia is on its way to becoming a fascist authoritarian dictatorship, there’s nothing to even talk about.”

The conversation also turned to whether aliens would interfere with human life and whether social media algorithms needed to be regulated.

Throughout the pandemic, Rogan has come under fire for his criticism of Covid vaccines.

Last September, he told his 13.4 million Instagram followers that he tested positive for Covid and was using the highly controversial livestock drug ivermectin to treat the virus, as well as a cocktail of other drugs.

“Monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-pack (Zithromax), prednisolone, everything, and I also got an NAD and vitamin drip and I did it for three days in a row,” Rogan said.

Commonly used as a dewormer for horses, the drug’s use to treat Covid has been widely criticized by physicians and medical boards, including the Therapeutic Goods Authority of Australia.

The Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s largest podcast, is streamed exclusively on Spotify and attracts approximately 11 million listeners per episode.


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