Journalist collects old photos of celebrities with cats and more (60 photos)

Recency bias is a thing. Here I am, without thinking that cats have recently become a popular photography subject, and with the advent of the Internet. But boy was I wrong. Turns out, he’s been a photographer-favorite since the invention of the camera. But, as much as it is nowadays, the never-ending deluge of cat photos doesn’t give us enough time to appreciate them, and they are in danger of being gone from our collective memory forever. But some people are determined not to let a good cat photo be forgotten, and collect old cat photos that are still relevant today.

Brazilian journalist Paula Leite Moreira is one of those rare guardians of strangely interesting cat history. She has collected thousands of photos from the last century, and shares them on her dedicated Instagram account. There you can see how cats share the company of many famous and interesting personalities of the past, often take part in silly photoshoots, and much more. In other words, it’s always been like this: Cats were the center of everyone’s attention.

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