Judges “Voices” in the salary ranking

Competitive reality shows have such a unique way of bringing large audiences together for fantastic entertainment. Some show contests such as Bachelor, see competitors fighting for love while others like Older brother, see competitors looking for money.

Sound Is a competitive show where singers are looking for their big break and has had many great judges like Katy Perry coming in and helping guide young talent. These judges are making a fortune, and fans want to know which judge has the highest salary to date.

Let’s take a look at the judges of the show and see who had the highest salary for Yahoo

10 Jennifer Hudson – $ 10 million

Jennifer Hudson started a business with an estimated $ 10 million salary, who actually made a name for herself in the entertainment industry by being marked competitor on american idol years ago. Hudson was a judge on two different occasions and she was great at Sound


9 Shakira – $ 12 million

During the fourth and sixth seasons SoundShakira was elected judge and she received a whopping $ 12 million for her spot on the show. If she ever decides to return to the show, we believe that this salary is likely to receive a significant boost that could lure her back.

eight John Legend – $ 13 million

John Legend appeared on the show quite recently, but he worked there long enough to receive a decent salary. His salary of $ 13 million each season is on par with what many other judges have received, and we can’t imagine him being unhappy with the money he made on the show.

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7 Miley Cyrus – $ 13 million

Miley Cyrus has judged the show twice and has made millions. It is estimated that Cyrus made up to $ 13 million for each season she appeared on the show. This is largely due to the popularity that she had even before she became a judge.

6 Blake Shelton – $ 13 million

Blake Shelton was there from the start, which means he made an unthinkable amount of money on the show. Since the show airs two seasons a year, Shelton makes nearly $ 30 million every 12 months. It is also rumored that he received a substantial bonus as well.

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5 Gwen Stefani – $ 13 million

Gwen Stefani has worked as a judge on the show several times and her salary has certainly changed over the years. She originally earned about $ 10 million, but received a significant salary increase and is estimated to have earned about $ 13 million. However, there are estimates suggesting that she could save about $ 15 million.

4 Adam Levine – $ 14 million

Adam Levine was a mainstay of the series for the first 16 seasons, and so it makes sense that he made as much as Blake Shelton. Levine is estimated to have made about $ 14 million as a judge on the show, and if he ever returns, that number will go up.

3 Kelly Clarkson – $ 15 million

Kelly Clarkson made her debut in season 14 of the series Soundand since then it has been an integral part. Clarkson was reported to be making about $ 15 million to be a judge on the show, which helped her net worth have risen sharply in recent years. Throw in her own show and it’s clear that Clarkson is making some serious money these days.

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2 Christina Aguilera – $ 17 million

The legendary Christina Aguilera has judged the show many times and has managed to increase her salary to $ 17 million per season thanks to this. If not for her early efforts, it is not known how Sound would work. Because of this, she is a legendary part of the show’s history, earning every penny that came her way.

one Ariana Grande – $ 20-25 million

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular female performers on the planet, and she made headlines when it was revealed that she would earn between $ 20 million and $ 25 million for the show. Sound… This is the biggest paycheck in the history of the show, and it proves how big a star she is.

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