Julia Fox frolics in Miami Beach after her date with Kanye West

Actress Julia Fox was photographed hanging out with friends in Miami Beach after her high-profile date with Kanye West the night before.

Julia Fox frolics in Miami Beach after a date with Kanye33

Actress Julia Fox was Filmed while hanging out with friends in Miami Beach after her loud date with Kanye West the previous night. As befits Fox, the Italian-born actress and her superstar date were outraged by onlookers when they had a romantic evening at an Italian restaurant. Carbon

Sources said TMZ that their date was “Nothing serious” However, and Kanye is still keen to make the most of her newfound loneliness, a prospect that didn’t seem to bother Fox as she strolled through the sand, happily chatting with her bikini-clad confidants.


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Fox also recently experienced a breakup.

The mother of one child, who wore a skin-tight black T-shirt paired with skin-tight leather bell-bottoms, also recently returned to the dating pool after breaking up with her “dead” husband, pilot Peter Artemyev.

Hence, this is definitely the time that Fox feels grateful for the support of her circle of beach friends, especially after the brunette revealed her $ 610K. Instagram Followers believe that her split with Artemyev was far from friendly.

Speaking of her ex-husband, Fox wrote, “Have you seen this naughty dad?” he will most likely be found “In most strip clubs, Lucien, Paul [Baby Grand], Casablanca, streets, etc. “The actress continued to seethe:” I can’t even do it anymore … I just don’t want my son to fuck because he feels like his father was absent or liked alcohol and parties anymore than he … “

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Fox’s split was nowhere near as friendly as Kanye and Kim’s

“This man left me with a 5 month old baby, a dog, a house and ALL ACCOUNTS. It is not right!!! This is unfair !!! … My son loves his dad. I agreed that his dad was refusing to attend, and I’m okay with that, but I’m sure this shit will work in public. ”

While Kanye’s breakup with ex-wife Kim Kardashian seems to have been much more cordial, there is no doubt that the couple will be able to relate their broken marital issues. While he and the Kardashians seem intent on continuing to support each other, West has made no secret that he is unhappy with their upcoming divorce.

At the end of November, West stated: “I made mistakes. I did something publicly that was unacceptable as a husband, but right now, for some reason … but I’m here to change the story. “

“I haven’t even seen newspapers. We’re not even divorced … it’s not a joke to me. My children want their parents to stay together. I want us to be together”.

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