Julia Fox on Her and Ye’s Gemini/Aquarius Relationship

“It’s just people who make each other feel better.”

If you’ve paid any attention to the lives of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after their divorce, you know that E is currently dating. Uncut Gems star Julia Fox.

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Last week, the actor and model shared all the details about one of their dates in an article for Interviewwhere she said “You had a whole hotel room full of clothes [for me]… It was every girl’s dream. It was like a real Cinderella moment.”

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Now, Julia has gone into even more detail about the couple’s dynamics in her podcast. forbidden fruits

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Speaking about her “really crazy 2022,” Julia said: “Now I just live in the moment and I don’t have any expectations. There are no labels. Nothing out of this. It’s just people who make each other feel better. This is really such a connection between Gemini and Aquarius. It’s very inspiring.”

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“Our thoughts, we both work very fast… I speak very fast and I can have 10 trains of thought,” she continued. “What’s really exciting about him is that any idea can become a reality, anything is possible, any dream is possible, and I love that. He is such a doer. He’s like, “Let’s do it now! Do not wait”.

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“Honestly, it’s just an honor to be here and to witness how history unfolds,” she continued. “Even being in the studio with him and Future and listening to the new songs – which are fucking insane, by the way – is really cool. I like it”.

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Julia also had a few words for skeptics who question the duo’s collective mental health, saying, “You’ve been open about your mental health issues and I feel like I did too. I feel like we need to destigmatize this and stop shaming. US. Like what the hell? We didn’t ask to be born like that. ”

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Last summer, Julia, who is now sober, spoke to New Yorker about a previously addicted heroin and pill. In 2017, Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Julie also acknowledged that some people think their relationship has “gone out of the picture.” But she objected: “All the people who [West and I] they used to write to me and say, “My God, this makes so much sense.”

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As for Julia earlier speaking that she was a “die-hard, OG” Kardashian fan? “Who hasn’t been a Kardashian fan, okay?” she said. “I’m not as stubborn as standing in line in the cold, or going to a store opening. I don’t even have a single lip kit. Guys, it’s not that serious.”

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Julia also made fun of this 2019 photo shoot with Pete Davidson, who is dating ex-Kim Ye. “I love the cover of Paper magazine, where me and Pete, this shoot we did and we are Barbie dolls,” she said. “It’s really meta … We’ve all been connected before, you know what I mean? We are all artists. “

I think this solves it. As long as everyone is happy, right? I DO NOT KNOW. What do you think?

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