Julia Fox talks about Kanye West’s relationship with her ex-husband

“You never know who or what might be waiting on the other side.”

So, if you’ve been online in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably noticed that Julia Fox confirmed her relationship with Kanye West.

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Shortly speaking, Uncut gems the actor wrote a blog post for Interview log about their brief relationship, including how Kanye gifted Julia “an entire hotel room full of clothes” on their second date.

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I just want to say that A) they met on New Years Eve, less than two weeks ago, and B) the new wardrobe scares me a lot – remember when it did Kim Kardashian cry throwing away almost all of your shoes?

However, not too long ago, Julia’s other relationship made a lot of noise. For reference: in February last year, Yulia announced that she had given birth to a son amid divorce proceedings with her ex-husband, pilot Peter Artemyev.

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That probably goes without saying, but Kane is obviously no stranger to having his previous relationship in the spotlight – he publicly asked Kim Kardashian to “come back right away” to him last month.

Fast forward to December, when Julia posted a series of stories about Peter on Instagram, which, among other things, said, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS INSANE DAD?” and “This man left me a 5 month old baby, a dog, a house and EVERYTHING.” ACCOUNTS. It is not right!!! This is unfair. “

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Peter said the sixth page“I was saddened to learn about completely false statements made on social media by Julia Fox, my clearly struggling parent. Out of respect for her privacy and to protect our child, I will not comment further. ”

Well speaking with Slice Julia said yesterday, “I really just want to clear things up. Because I obviously didn’t expect all the publicity to come after I came for my son’s father on the Internet. ”

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“My son’s father and I had our own problems, and I wanted to scare him into becoming a better father, but I did the wrong thing. My son’s dad loves his son more than anything else. He just has some problems that I shouldn’t have made public. “

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She then added in the text that followed: “The general message is that if you’re in a toxic relationship, get out of it because you’ll never [know] who or what might be waiting on the other side <3 "- presumably referring to Kanye.

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Two weeks before meeting Ye, Julia described herself as “diehard OG fan” Kardashian, joking that he wants them to “be my family.”

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