Julia Fox’s dark past, linked to heroin addiction and homelessness as a child, away from Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood upbringing

JULIA Fox has a dark past, from heroin addiction to childhood homelessness, far removed from Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood upbringing.

The 31-year-old actress is currently dating ex-husband Kim Kanye West.


Julia Fox battled heroin addiction and homelessness as a teenager.Credit: Instagram @juliafox
Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was living a luxurious life in Hollywood.


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was living a luxurious life in Hollywood.Credit: News Burst

Julia was born in Milan, Italy. In her early years, Julia lived with her grandfather until she moved to New York with her father.

As a teenager, the Jewels Uncut actress worked in the service industry while in high school.


Back in January 2020, Julia revealed that she suffered a near-fatal overdose when she was 17.

She said Hollywood Reporter“It’s kind of a miracle that I’m okay because many of the people I grew up with are not doing so well.

“They are still on drugs or in prison. Many of them have died. “

A New Yorker Profile From July it was revealed that the actress is now sober after her past struggles with heroin and pill addiction.


The star admitted that her childhood was not always easy, and for a while she was even homeless.

She previously spoke to Society of tall snobs about what it was like to be raised as a single dad in New York, sharing, “He’s out of his mind. I pretty much grew up with him.

“He still lives here, but he is not really around. He looks like a mad hermit scientist. He builds 3D printers for fun. “

Noting that she mostly grew up in upper Manhattan, Julia continued, “We moved a lot. It was pretty unstable. At one point, we were homeless.

“In fact, I’ve lived in almost every neighborhood – Harlem, Chelsea, everywhere.

“I moved to the city center when I was 17 and never moved anywhere.”

She went on to elaborate on her precarious life situation in her profile for The New Yorker, stating: “We stayed in the apartment that my father was renovating at the time. We were kind of homeless. “

Julia continued: “I went to live with friends – it was always some kind of dysfunctional family with a single mother, and I found my way there, but my dad didn’t care.”

Julia said she was homeless for a while


Julia said she was homeless for a whileCredit: Instagram @juliafox


Julia previously revealed how her addiction played a role in her “first love” in 2018. Instagram Mail.

Next to photos of Julia and her ex-boyfriend smoking, she wrote, “He was my first love.

“I was 14 when we met at the home of drug dealers a few blocks from where I grew up.

“The first night we took ecstasy, slept, and a few minutes later he was on the phone with his mom and told her that he had met the love of his life.”

She continued, “I ran away, and he was all I had. Our connection was so rude, so passionate and so beautiful and dysfunctional.

“I was still learning what Love is — learning who I was. I never knew healthy love and did not even realize that I was in a spoiled situation. But it doesn’t matter now. “

The emotional post ended: “I found a letter he wrote to me yesterday from prison, and it read:” You are now 16 and I can’t wait to see what a beautiful woman you will become. ”

“And it dawned on me that I was that woman now, and I had gone SO far away from that lost little girl.

“Although this man was terrible for me, I would not exist without him.

“I hated him for so long, but now I am wise enough to know that he gave me the most special gift.”

Julia spoke about the troubled relationship in a post on Instagram.


Julia spoke about the troubled relationship in a post on Instagram.Credit: Instagram @juliafox


During a quarrel with a friend as a teenager, Julia learned that one of the women in the house worked as a mistress.

She told a New Yorker: “She looked at herself in the mirror, with fishing nets, PVC and platforms.

“And deep down, I always knew it was an option.”

Julia added that she found a Dominatrix job on Craigslist when she was in high school, leading to job opportunities.

She also believes that her work as a dominatrix has helped her acting career.

previously told by Julia Paper magazine: “I’ve always put on a show. Or pretending to be normal. Or pretending that everything was fine, when in fact it was not.

“My first acting experience was probably in high school. My job after school was as a dominatrix, so you know, it was a fantastic role-playing game. “

As a teenager, the actress worked as a mistress.


As a teenager, the actress worked as a mistress.Credit: Julia Fox / Instagram


Rumors of an affair between Julia and 44-year-old Kanye began when TMZ reported that she was seen on a date with the rapper in Miami, Florida on January 1, 2022 at the Carbone restaurant.

A few days after dinner in Miami, Kanye and Julia were seen strolling side by side in Greenwich Village, New York.

The new couple spent the night on Broadway and then dined at New York’s Carbone club.

The restaurant is also a favorite of Kanye’s ex-wife Kim.

Julia and Kanye recently confirmed their whirlwind romance with a sexy photo shoot during their second date in New York.

Kanye was previously married to 41-year-old Kim from 2014 to 2020, while they have four children: North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

Unlike Julia, Kim grew up in Hollywood in a very privileged family.

As the middle daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians graduate has been able to live a luxurious life with her famous family.

Julia and Kanye West were linked earlier this month.


Julia and Kanye West were linked earlier this month.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021.


Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021.1 credit
The reality TV star's childhood was very different from that of Kanye's new girlfriend.


The reality TV star’s childhood was very different from that of Kanye’s new girlfriend.Credit: Social Media – See Source
Kim grew up in a glamorous family alongside her famous siblings.


Kim grew up in a glamorous family alongside her famous siblings.Credit: News Burst
Kanye West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox shows off her curves in a crop top and leather pants after dinner with the rapper.

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