Julia Garner Reveals How Ruth’s Role on ‘Ozark’ Changed Her Life

Julia Garner’s ability to handle complex female characters has made her a star to look out for. Even before she took on the role of Anna Sorokina/Delvy in Shonda Rhimes’ limited series Inventing Anna, her character Ruth Langmore in Ozark gave her a lot of work to do. Starting first as a petty criminal, Ruth rises through the ranks in money laundering to become an impressive figure in her own right. It’s an experience Garner will never forget, she said. Diversity after her victory.

“I think Ruth gave me… a deeper sense of confidence and I learned so much from her,” Garner admitted. According to fans, Ruth was quite a controversial character, but the actor who portrays her doesn’t see her that way. Garner considers her an authentic person and genuinely appreciates the experience of her acting. “She not only changed my career, she changed me as a person and I am so grateful to her every single day,” Garner added.

In the past, Garner has also spoken at length about how close she feels to Ruth. After filming the final season, the Ozark star gave Time all the details about the painful process of parting with the character. Whether fans love her or not, Garner’s emotional portrayal of the character made Ruth thin and full of depth.

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