Julia Michaels, JP Saxe Split, hint of breakup in new songs

This is the end? Julia Michaels as well as J.P. Sacks announced their separation after three years of marriage, a source confirms Us weekly — and their own lyrics seem to prove it.

The 29-year-old Canadian crooner caused controversy last month when he teased new music that appeared to be inspired by the breakup.

“When you think of me / You set fire to every memory,” Sacks sang. video on instagram published August 30th. “And you believe that something that doesn’t last forever means nothing?”

He continued: “Because I swear I loved you completely / And I wish I stood by who we thought I’d be / When you think of me / I’m just another person who’s leaving.”

Earlier this month, the “Line by Line” musician doubled down on emotional lyrics and once again hinted that he and Michaels, 28, had broken up via social media.

“I hate myself for hurting you / But it would be worse if I made it right / I wish I could find a way to keep it up / Cause I wanted to be the man you stood with / And not another tally hell to justify your fear of being abandoned,” Sachs shared in instagram post on september 15 titled “Verse 2”.

The lyrics are part of the new song “When You Think of Me”, which comes out Friday, September 23, and also details the rift between Sax and the Iowa native.

“And I hate the way I lived up to your worst fears / Making it worse that everything worked out so well for three years / And it could all be for the best in the end / But right now it’s like losing my best friend,” he concluded .

Michaels, for his part, shared an emotional video on the same day about herself playing the piano and singing about her broken heart.

“Because you’re just another man and this is just another doorway / You’ll use promises like it’s some kind of twisted foreplay,” the Grammy nominee sang in the September 15 video. “You keep saying you’re staying / When we both know it’s not your forte.”

The “Hurt Somebody” singer captioned the video “Assholes live forever” and detailed the end of her relationship with Sax. “You give me one last kiss and leave your keys there during the raid / You say you’re sorry [and] You never meant to hurt me like you did / Well, I feel sorry for me too,” Michaels yelled.

buddy Maren Morris showed support for the Questions singer by commenting on the post “Let it be retttttt 🙌🏼💔”.

Another fan echoed Morris’ feelings, praising Michaels for speaking the truth. “It’s so clean and raw. I can feel your pain,” a fan wrote on social media. “Sending you so much love, my precious angel ❤️.”

Sachs and Michaels started dating after writing the song “If the World Was Ending” in 2019. The pair continued to work together, writing “All Your Exes” and 2021’s “Little Did I Know” based on songs by Michaels. Not in chronological order Album before parting.

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