Julia Pott of Summer Camp Island just tweeted what all the creators think of HBO Max

Taking to Twitter, Summer Camp Island creator Julia Pott spoke of her disappointment that Warner Bros. Discovery canceled her show and removed it from HBO Max. She tweeted: “We have been working for 5 years to make 100 episodes of animation. We worked late into the night, we let ourselves go, we were a family of hardworking artists who wanted to make something beautiful and HBO MAX just pulled them out. it’s like we’re nothing. Animation ain’t nothing!” She went on to say that she and her team created 20 great linear episodes during the pandemic and that she won’t rest until fans get a chance to see them despite this latest news.

It must have been a complete shock to Pott and the rest of the Summer Camp Island team. Popular culture reported that the show’s season 6 had been delayed three days before its premiere, which was originally scheduled to take place on June 9. Cartoon Network has announced a schedule shift to Twitter, which stated that the final season of Summer Camp Island would air in 2023 and noted that timing was tricky. However, it looks like a decision has been made over the last two months to drop Summer Camp Island entirely, which should be a heartbreaking blow for those involved in the project. I hope Pott can work some of the magic found in her show and fans of the show get a chance to see the final season of Summer Camp Island.

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