Justin Long Teases Hollywood Stars Who Inspired His Horrible Barbarian Character

On what it was like to play this darker role, and if someone he knows helped to get the AJ look, Long said, “It was fun. It was a blast because he’s a despicable person and it was fun being a jerk.” He teased some people he knows in Hollywood who have some of AJ’s less glamorous characteristics, adding, “There were a few people I knew who informed the character. I have been in Hollywood for a while, so from time to time you will meet such people. It definitely reminded me of some people.”

Considering that Long usually plays useful characters that everyone loves, this role was a new challenge for him. He explained, “Fortunately, I never did anything like what this character did. This was what I had to find. [the] the things he does. But it was a challenge. It was a really fun challenge.”

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