Kanye West Almost Joined Kim Kardashian on ‘SNL’

What could have happened! Kenan Thompson I gave insight Kim KardashianFirst of all Saturday night live. Hosting Gig – and revealed how. Kenny West Was almost involved.

The 43-year-old comedian said exclusively. We are weekly. That “was part of the conversation” for 44-year-old Yazy Designer to join the 40-year-old Kardashian on the October 9 show. He made fun of their divorce. In the opening monologue

“It always, you know, depended on him and her. Whatever he wanted to do. It’s his night. Auto Trader. “It simply came to our notice then. [that] as well as. He was probably like, ‘Why don’t you have a moment? And I’m here, you know, to accompany you behind the scenes. “It simply came to our notice then.

Although Kardashian. Filed for divorce in FebruaryAfter nearly six years of marriage, Thompson confirmed that the West. 30 was at Rockefeller Center. In the meantime SNL This month’s show to please the founder of this scheme

Kenan Thompson says Kenny West almost joined Kim Kim Kardashian.

Kenan Thompson, Kim Kardashian, and Kenny West. Dan Steinberg / Invasion / AP / Shutter Stock Avon Augustine / Invasion / AP / Shutter Stock.

“I saw him spin for a quick second, just before the live show.” Canaan The star said. “And then he did a little bit, you know, did the ghost move?”

Of Continue with Kardashian. Alum, for its part, Hit him out of the park While hosting a comedy series – and not embarrassed. Trolling his personal life or the ups and downs of his family.. Before imitating her sister, she called her loved ones in solidarity. Courtney Kardashian And her boyfriend, Travis Barker., For a skate

Thompson recalled noting there There was no hesitation from Kim.. Thank God for the writing team and their team. I think he’s surrounded by great people. [too, which helped]. ”

Of Heavyweights Actor She noted that since she met Kim, she was ready to go to work and was completely immersed in the process.

“She was OK. We The couple met for the first time at a cast dinner, at which fans “barricaded” outside the restaurant. “It was just a wild house. So for her, like, going through it and still coming in and making eye contact with people and having real conversations, she just set the tone for the rest of the week. And she came to play. He did all the business.. It was great. “

As The longest running cast member on. SNL, Thompson is constantly challenging himself as a comedian both on and off the show. In fact, they’ve worked together recently. Auto Trader To bring his own ridiculous twist to his ads, which promotes how easy it is to buy a car from home.

“We’ve teamed up to run a campaign just to let everyone know – if you don’t already know – how awesome AutoTrader really is,” he said. We Of partnership. “It makes the process of buying a car so safe and easy. It’s really true.”

With reporting by Christina Grebaldi.

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