Kanye West Explains What Really Happened During Alleged Brawl

Kanye West is talking.

The 44-year-old rapper was a guest Hollywood Unlockedwhere he spoke to the owner Jason Lee about an alleged altercation he was involved in earlier this week.

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In accordance with ET, Kanye said he was motivated to share the story because he felt it “couldn’t fit in a headline”.

“As for the paparazzi, it wasn’t a fan,” he began. “It was 3am in front of the warehouse. I say, “You don’t know what I’m dealing with right now.” I just finished these two songs, I came from the studio. I created a record, this impromptu shoot, and my cousins ​​really got the job done. And this dude just had this real attitude, like, “What are you going to do? And see this? I’ll just tell you that this blue COVID mask won’t stop this knockout, you know what I mean.”

Jason asked if he had been angered by “taunts, disrespect, disregard for your privacy” and Kanye responded, “That’s all, but that’s what Hollywood should be.”

“Look man, I love the paparazzi. I love the press, I love the media, everything,” he explained. “But then they send these two in, probably as some sort of agents or something, to really gasify the situation. This cannot be reflected in the title. That’s why I wanted to sit down and talk to you directly and tell the world exactly what happened.”

He then stated that the person who approached him was not a fan, but someone who “took autographs to make money from them.”

“It’s the same as the paparazzi, it’s not a fan. It’s someone who uses your image, who has probably never listened to your songs, someone like, “Is this really my song?” he said.

He then shared that at the same time, his cousins ​​were allegedly talking to his ex-wife. Kim Kardashian about personal problems. “So now my cousins ​​are back and they didn’t do the job. So I end up getting into a fight with a guy who wanted to cash in on my autographs, then my cousin drives up and talks to me. I say, “Give me a break. Get away from me.’ She doesn’t take responsibility for not doing what she was supposed to do, and that added to my mood when I thought, “I won’t let that happen.”

“Everyone is using me. Everyone gets my salary and everyone uses me.” Kanye said, adding that the paparazzi were able to film his altercation in part because his cousin “wasn’t going to leave me.”

He also said that the media tried to portray the dispute with his cousin as “something negative”.

“This is first hand. I have told you all before that you are not qualified to be in charge of my story. I already told you that I’m taking my story,” he said. “I am writing my story. Why don’t you all do something, you know what I mean, other than trying to take someone down.

Kanye was named a suspect in the Thursday (January 13) battery case after reportedly being seen partying with the actress Julia Fox.

The rapper also recently revealed why he bought the house across from his ex. Kim Kardashian.

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