Kanye West Files Trademark For Array Of “Donda” Technology Products—Including Tablets, Headphones, Smartphones And More

#RomMates, proving that he is constantly working to increase his status as a billionaire, Kenny West Now apparently intends to take over the world of technology and already has a list of ways to do it. Recent documents show that Kanye West has filed a trademark for a collection of “Donda” technology products, covering everything from smartphones to tablets.

Rolling Stone reports, although it did release it. Record-breaking album “Donda”, which topped the charts a month ago and just dropped its Easy X Gap Hoody collection, is not slowing down at all. In your latest vision for your multi-billion dollar empire, you have set your sights on conquering the world of technology and they have already entered the trademark to do so. Its Mascot Holdings Company (and Donda’s subsidiary) filed a trademark application through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office late last month. Products included in the trademark application include tablets, surround sound systems, headphones, virtual reality headsets, smartphones, USB flash drives and security phone cases, and other electronic devices.

That’s not all Kenny is bringing, as the additional products listed are smart bracelets, smart rings, smart necklaces, magnets and mouse pads. Allegedly, he is even trying to create a “donda” screen saver and wallpaper game.

You will recall that just a few days before the release of his latest album, he surprised fans by announcing that Steam Player would be fully pre-loaded with the “Donda” album. STEM Player allows fans to rearrange and customize the album to their liking and is available for purchase on Kenny West’s website with an expected arrival date of Fall 2021.

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