Kanye West has been accused of recreating the iconic photo of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with new girlfriend Julia Fox.

FANS has accused Kanye West of recreating an iconic photo of his relationship with Kim alongside his new girlfriend Julia Fox in order to make his ex jealous.

Rapper Donda continues his efforts to bring the KUWTK star back despite his promising relationship with the Uncut Gems actress.


Kanye snuggled up to his new girlfriend Julia in a photo shootCredit: INTERVIEW
Fans thought he was


Fans thought he was “replacing” an old photo with KimCredit: Tiktok / Instagram

Fans criticized 44-year-old Kanye for trying to “recreate” an old photograph of him and Kim with his new lover, 31-year-old Julia.

TikTok user named @insydwetrust warned his followers about a potential diss in his video clip over the weekend.

In a post, the video creator shared a photo from the musician’s recent photo shoot for Interview Magazine with his new girlfriend.

The picture shows the couple hugging on the couch in the restaurant, and Kanye hid his face in a black hood.

Julia rested her head on his shoulder in an intimate photo taken to declare their relationship official.

“This is him reshooting the same photo that was legendary during Kimye,” wrote a user with a broken heart.

The creator of TikTok then switched the frame to an old photo of Kanye and Kim snuggling against the couch during their marriage.

Both had their eyes closed as they hugged in a flashback, and the user showed up with a sad face to share their despair over the resemblance.

Other fans rushed into comments to share their theories regarding the “recreated” image.

“He did it to hurt her,” one suggested, and the other agreed: “HE IS TRYING SO.”

“Today I literally got into a fight over this LMAOO !! He’s literally re-creating it! ” – noticed the third.

The fourth chuckled, “He’s not trying to make another KIM 🙄 Kim was legendary before him, she will be like that after him.”

“They also met on Naya and then did a whole photo shoot and interview within 3 days of meeting, Kanye is really trying to hurt Kim,” another suggested.

“He lost the plot by trying to hurt her, so she comes back. But she filed for divorce almost a year ago, lol, she graduated, “wrote the finale.


Kanye has been busy flaunting his new relationship with Julia Fox as they’ve been spotted on multiple dates in both New York and Miami.

The couple officially announced their relationship with a series of photos for Interview log, including the image of the cuddling couch that took TikTok by storm.

A source close to the actress told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “Julia lives in New York but plans to travel to Los Angeles soon to see Kanye.”

The insider added that she is “the perfect IT girl” and something of a muse for creativity.

“She’s artistic, but down to earth,” the source continued. “Kim seems to be a control freak and it will be interesting to see how she handles it.”


However, his new relationship hasn’t stopped Kanye from trying to steal his ex Kim Kardashian from her new lover Pete Davidson.

In late December, news broke that Kanye had bought a one-story house across the street from Kim after losing their huge estate in a divorce.

But the source said the SKIMS founder was “unhappy” to learn that 44-year-old Kanye had taken over a house across the street.

The mother of four was busy enjoying the Bahamas with her new love interest, Pete, among her ex-husbands’ “theatrical performances”.

Kanye announced his relationship with Julia in a photo shoot for Interview magazine.


Kanye announced his relationship with Julia in a photo shoot for Interview magazine.1 credit
Last month, he bought a house across the street from Kim.


Last month, he bought a house across the street from Kim.
The reality TV star is dating Pete Davidson after their divorce.


The reality TV star is dating Pete Davidson after their divorce.1 credit
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