Kanye West is reportedly ending his partnership with Gap due to the company’s alleged breach of contract.

Ugh! Ye does not play with these brands! According to the report WSJKanye West is cutting ties with Gap, the company he dreamed of doing business with since he was a teenager working at one of its Chicago outlets.

Kanye and The Gap announced a partnership with the brand back in 2020 to design a Yeezy clothing collection. Despite the success of Yeezy Gap, Ye recently criticized the clothing chain on social media for shady business practices.

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal received a letter from Kanye West’s lawyers notifying Gap that Ye had decided to terminate the partnership. The letter alleges that Gap violated the partnership agreement by “not launching clothes and opening retail stores as planned.”

To be precise, Yeezy and his lawyers argue that Gap was supposed to open nearly five retail stores dedicated to showcasing Yeezy Gap products by July 31, 2023, which has yet to happen. The letter also claims that the retailer was to sell 40% of the Yeezy Gap collection in stores in 2021, but the first item released, Yeezy Gap sweatshirts, was only available online.

Just last week, Kanye took to Instagram to voice his troubles with Gap after learning the company held a meeting without him. He also accused the brand of stealing designs from the Yeezy Gap x Balenciaga collection for its own retail products.

Here is the through line. Rupture meeting about me without me. Adidas is releasing old shoes and painting my shoes like I’m dead and I don’t have a say in where my kids go to school. Call me whatever you want. If you don’t understand why I won’t give up my business, my brands, and my kids, then you’re crazy.”

At the end of August, Ye posted a video clip in which he told Gap executives:

You have to really let me be E and let me do what I think, or I’ll have to think somewhere else.”

He also revealed that the Yeezy brand will open its own retail stores “around the world.” Starting in Atlanta.”

Gap will reportedly sell all of Yeezy Gap’s existing products before needing to end its relationship with the Yeezy brand.

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