Kanye West returns to parenting with daughter North and other kids after dating CCP-infused with a new passion for Julia Fox.

Kanye West has been spotted hanging out with North West, as well as his other kids, after returning from a hot trip with girlfriend Julia Fox.

The rapper was first spotted with the Uncut Gems star in Miami earlier this month.


Kanye West returned to California, where he spent time with his children1 credit
North, Saint and Psalm arrive at the hotel in Los Angeles.


North, Saint and Psalm arrive at the hotel in Los Angeles.1 credit
The sighting came after Kanye enjoyed a weekend with Julia Fox filled with the CCP.


The sighting came after Kanye enjoyed a weekend with Julia Fox filled with the CCP.1 credit

Kanye, 44, was casual, wearing a black puffer coat over a blue hoodie.

He paired the top with black jeans and oversized boots that almost came to his knees.

Kanye was joined by eight-year-old North, dressed in a purple T-shirt, trainers, and ripped jeans.

Her hair was braided in long braids that hung below the shoulders.

The Saint and the Psalm were also present at the walk. The eldest of the two boys wore the same boots as his famous father.

Kanye and his kids had a lot of fun playing games at a Los Angeles hotel.

North seemed to smile when someone packed her things for her.

The time spent with his children was in stark contrast to previous days when Kanye lived in a big apple with Julia.

ON Broadway

The new couple was seen on a second date a few days after they had dinner together in Miami.

Kanye took his new boo to see The Slave Game before heading to Carbone, the favorite spot of the former wife of the Chicago native. Kim Kardashian

During the date, the duo posed for photos taken by Kevin Leiva for Interview log

They also spoke to a power outlet.

Julia swept over Kanye by revealing that he surprised her with a room full of clothes.

She also claimed that their connection was “instantaneous.”

A source close to the actress told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “Julia lives in New York but plans to travel to Los Angeles soon to see Kanye.”

The insider added that she is “the perfect IT girl” and something of a muse for creativity.

“She’s artistic, but down to earth,” the source continued. “Kim seems to be a control freak and it will be interesting to see how she handles it.”

Julia – a former dominatrix – was previously married to Peter Artemiev.

The couple are parents to a child named Valentino, 11 months old.

According to the source, Julia “went through a lot in her life, took on her dark side” and experienced a serious loss, which is why she is in Kanye’s pain.


In an interview with Interview Mag, Julia revealed details about her new romance: “I met E in Miami on New Years Eve and it was an instant connection.”

She went on to say, “His energy is enjoyable.

“He made me and my friends laugh, dance and smile all night long. We decided to save energy and fly back to New York to watch The Slave Game.

“Yeh’s flight landed at six, and the show was at seven, and he was there ON TIME. I was impressed.

“After the show, we decided to have dinner at Carbone, one of my favorite restaurants. By itself”.

That evening, Kristen Bell Tattoos received photos of Julia and Kanye backstage at the August Wilson Theater.

In one photo, Kanye is talking to the group while Julia is looking at him.

In another, a couple posed together on stage after a performance.

Following their second date, Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively revealed that Kim considers Kanye’s grandiose public gestures to be “a desperate attempt to make her jealous.”

A few weeks before his up-and-coming romance, Kanye begged the KKW Beauty mogul to “come back” to him.

“Kim thinks it’s comical that Kanye went from begging her to come back to showing her new girlfriend around town in a few days,” the source said.

“She knows it’s not serious, it’s just a typical Kanye joke.

“Kim thinks this is another desperate attempt to make her jealous. To be honest, she doesn’t care, she was very worried about him at that moment, so his little game doesn’t work.

“All she cares about right now about Kanye is raising their four children and making sure they have a happy life, that’s all.”

Kim is enjoying a new romance of her own while spending time with Pete Davidson.

She filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021 after less than seven years of marriage.

It was noticed that the staff were carrying games for the children.


It was noticed that the staff were carrying games for the children.1 credit
On the walk, Sait wore rubber boots, like his father.


On the walk, Sait wore rubber boots, like his father.1 credit
Kanye shares her four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian


Kanye shares her four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian1 credit
Kanye West brings his four children with Kim Kardashian to Sunday service after failing to revive the marriage.

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