Kanye West talks about canceling the Gap deal (video)

Ouch! Kanye West is very upset about the termination of the contract with Gap! In a recent CNBC interview on Closing a Call, he talked about working with the company. “I’ve always dreamed of being at the Gap and bringing the best product to the masses,” he told the network. The rapper and businessman also added that he imagines top quality goods that could be sold for $20. However, he said that he could not ultimately set the desired price for the resulting collection.

“Sometimes I would talk to the guys, the leaders, and it would feel like I was muted or something like that. Obviously, there are always problems and difficulties when you are trying to create something new and bring teams together.” The conversation got a little poignant as the “DONDA” rapper went into great detail about Gap’s management and staff. Kanye said that only one person on the planet can save GAP.

the reporter asked, and Kanye didn’t give a direct answer, but said, “Sometimes the answer sits right in front of you.” As the conversation went on, he turned to Gap management, saying, “Don’t bring a leader and don’t let him lead. Why should I claim that Gap pays people? I’m sorry, you know I’m not going to argue with people who are broke than me about money.”

The reporter replied, “I see,” and thanked him for being on the show. According to CNNGap Gap Brand President and CEO Mark Breitbard addressed the termination in an email late Thursday, writing, “We wanted to discuss today’s and the last few weeks’ Yeezy Gap-related headlines.” \

He continued, “To put it simply…while we share the vision of bringing high-quality, cutting-edge, utilitarian design to all people through the unique Omni experience with Yeezy Gap, the way we work together to realize that vision is not the same. And we decide to end the partnership.”

Roommates, what do you think of Kanye’s comments?

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