Kanye West wants to get back with Kim Kardashian after she ended a 9-month romance with Pete Davidson.

THEY seemed like a young love dream, but it’s all over for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

The reality TV goddess has named the time of her whirlwind nine-month romance with the comedian as her ex-husband Kanye West rallies to win her back.


Kim Kardashian left single after stormy romance with Pete DavidsonCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Kim broke up with Pete after a few months of being together


Kim broke up with Pete after a few months of being togetherCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The mom-of-four met Pete when she was a guest on Saturday Night Live in the US, and he soon became a core member of her clan.

But rapper Kanye has been a constant thorn in their side, publicly belittling Pete and messaging between them on social media.

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye last year, and in March, the court found her unmarried.

A source in Los Angeles said, “This breakup only makes Kanye work harder to get Kim back and get her to call off their divorce.

Kanye West is now pushing to get back with Kim Kardashian


Kanye West is now pushing to get back with Kim KardashianCredit: Reuters
Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson because of his
Kim Reveals When She Will Quit Reality TV And 'Stop Being Kim Kay' After Fame

“For months, he told his wife that she and Pete were not destined to last long.

“And while Kanye wasn’t Pete’s biggest fan, in recent weeks he’s focused on showing Kim they’re compatible and a strong family.

“Kim has just focused on Ye being the best father so far.

“She will always adore Kanye and appreciate him as a father to her children, but it will take him a huge effort to win her back.

“He doesn’t think it’s impossible. They’ve been getting along very well in recent weeks.”

Meanwhile, Kim’s friend insists she’s not tempted to get back with her ex.

We were told: “She is unlikely to change her mind about the divorce.

“They hacked into co-parenting and made it work for them, so she doesn’t want to rock the boat.

“Kim feels more confident in her life than ever before.

“She is driving and enjoying herself after ten years of hard work.

“Don’t be surprised if she goes out with another young man.”

Pete and Kim are said to have blamed the breakup on their hectic work schedules, while Kris Jenner, Kim’s “mommie”, made sure her daughter ended her relationship with comic hunk Dory.

Last night, William Hill offered 33/1 odds that Kim and Kanye would reunite within five years.

And earlier this week, Kim supported Kanye’s Yeezy brand by modeling his sunglasses on Instagram, which is a white flag from a social media standpoint.

After all the ups and downs in their relationship, it would not be surprising if the “Kimye” got back together.

From mud to slime in Glasto

THE GOO GOO DOLLS have been releasing music for nearly four decades, but frontman John Rzeznick says Glastonbury is still on his bucket list.

The American rocker told us: “If I was asked, I would definitely not say no. That would be amazing.”

The band – John and Robbie Takak – will release their 13th album Chaos In Bloom next month and they are finalizing plans for a tour.

And John said that it annoys him when musicians complain about a live performance.

He continued, “Part of what we do is, ‘You’re an artist.’

“And you have to put on that hat and play the kind of songs that people want to hear.

“I know a lot of artists who say, ‘Well, if I have to play this song again, I’ll kill myself.’ And I’m like, “Okay, you ungrateful bastard.”

“I was at a bar with this guy who had a huge hit and he’s whining about it and I’m like, ‘Dude, this song bought you a house in the Hollywood Hills.’

We couldn’t help but agree.

Next Bond Age Limit

When Daniel Craig replaces Bond, he must be under 40 when he is introduced to the world, which rules out many fan favorites for the role.

Although Daniel was 51 years old when he filmed his farewell to 007’s No Time To Die, insiders say filmmaker EON Productions will introduce a new age limit.

A source said, “Actors on the run should be able to last at least ten years.”

That rules out Idris Elba, 49, Tom Hardy, 44, and Tom Hiddleston, 41, but James Norton, 37, would be just right.

Abba’s late ban

The BOSS changed the time of the ABBA Voyage avatars display so that the locals can enjoy peace and quiet in the evenings.

From October, Sunday performances will change from 15:00 and 19:45 to 13:00 and 17:00.

A letter to households in Stratford, East London reminded them that the roads are still closed.

Major stores, including Aldi and Asda, are pulling popular food items off the shelves.
I had acrylic nails for two years in a row...now my natural nails are GREEN

A source said: “Some residents are annoyed by the increased noise and traffic.”

Not everyone thanks ABBA for music. . .

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