Kanye West’s girlfriend Julia Fox shows off her curves in a leather jumpsuit after the rapper was accused of punching a fan in the face.

Julia Fox posed on her Instagram story in a skin-tight leather catsuit after boyfriend Kanye West was accused of punching a fan in the face.

The couple first met on New Year’s Eve.


Julia Fox showed off her figure in a leather jumpsuitCredit: Instagram / Julia Fox
She wore this look after several dates with Kanye West.


She wore this look after several dates with Kanye West.1 credit

Julia shared this on her Instagram story while posing in front of a white wall.

Rap music played in the background as she struck several poses.

A sexy black jumpsuit covered her from neck to toe.

Julia’s curves were fully shown in the outfit, which hugged her in all the right places.

She accessorized the outfit with black boots and a black purse, while her brown hair was loose, touching her shoulders.

She didn’t sign the post.

The outfit was strikingly similar to the one Julia wore when she was hanging out with Kanye.

Julia seems to have ignored the recent controversy surrounding her beau who was accused of hitting a fan.


The Uncut Gems star stepped out with Kanye on Wednesday wearing low-rise leather pants and a leather crop top.

She again complemented the outfit with a black handbag and black boots.

Julia was seen arm in arm with Kanye in Los Angeles in a cheeky way.

The couple visited Delilah where they hung out with Madonna and Antonio Brown.

They were photographed kissing all night.

This date was one of many that Julia and Kanye have been on in the two weeks since they first met.

The pair were first spotted together at Carbon in Miami.

A few days later, their romance continued up north, in New York.

The couple saw Slave play and dined again at Carbone.

Kanye gave Julia a photo shoot and surprised her with a hotel room full of clothes.

The photo shoot was included in Interview magazine.

Julia spoke about her new outlet boyfriend, saying that he arrived in New York an hour before the performance and still made it on time.


Julia spoke about Kanye again during a podcast episode.

Her co-host, Nicki Takesh, admitted that she was approached about the budding romance between her friend and Kanye.

She noted that several people wondered if the affair was legal or not.

“There are always people who think that every celebrity scandal is a set-up,” the actress said.

Niki chimed in, “People are like this, is this just a second date? And I’m like, “Obviously you haven’t dated a billionaire before because I went on a date with a billionaire and he already wired me $8,000.” ‘I don’t even think he got my name yet, just my account number and routing number.’

As for what’s going on between her and Kanye, Julia said she takes things the way they are.

On the podcast, she said, “Right now, I’m just living in the present.

“I don’t have any expectations. There are no labels, nothing like that. It’s just people who make each other feel better.

“This is really such a connection between Gemini and Aquarius. This is very inspiring. We both work very fast, we keep pace with each other, which is great.”

Julia added: “What is really exciting about him is that any idea can become a reality. Everything is possible.

“He is such a performer. He really is a genius. And honestly, it’s just an honor to be in the presence and to witness the story unfold, to be in the studio with him and Future and listen to the new songs, which, by the way, are fucking *mad king.”

When asked why people fawn over their romance, Julia replied: “Maybe because I’m not the most obvious choice. Maybe because I got out of left field.”

Recently, Julia began to wear more daring looks.


Recently, Julia began to wear more daring looks.Credit: Instagram / Julia Fox
Kanye surprised her with a room full of clothes on their second date


Kanye surprised her with a room full of clothes on their second date1 credit
Julia said they don't label their romance.


Julia said they don’t label their romance.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Kanye West’s girlfriend Julia Fox revealed that she ‘stole a McDonald’s donation box’ of money for sick kids as a teenager.

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