Kardashian fans are accusing Kim of photoshopping Pete Davidson’s very obvious body details in new vacation photos.

KARDASHIAN fans accused Kim of photoshopping a famous detail on Pete Davidson’s body.

Kim, 41, shared multiple photos and videos of her wearing a tiny black-threaded bikini while having a private sex getaway with her boyfriend Pete, 28.


Fans have noticed that Pete’s new neck tattoo is missing.
Fans noticed back in May that Pete has the initials "KNSCP" on his neck


In May, fans noticed that Pete had the initials “KNSCP” around his neck.

Posted on Instagram, one of the photos in the series shows a close-up of Pete on the boat, wearing a black collared shirt, black Prada sunglasses and a hat.

Fans who carefully studied the photo noticed that the recent tattoo on his neck was photoshopped.

A few months ago, he had the initials of his four children Kim and Kanye around his neck.

He was spotted sporting a shocking tattoo shortly before his Met Gala debut with Kim in early May.

Kim shows off her very tiny waist in a bikini on a beach holiday with Pete.
Kim's fans think she's PREGNANT with Pete's baby as she 'takes a big hint'

The tattoo simply read: “KNSCP” – the first initial for his famous girlfriend, and is located near his collarbone.

The order of children’s initials then goes from oldest to youngest – and fans immediately ripped it off as “weird”.

One fan wrote: “KNSCP – Kim, north, saint, Chicago, Psalm?!? He can’t tattoo the initials of western children unless they are his children!!! Major red flags!! do this!!”

His other ink is a publicity stunt concocted by mommy Chris, with a fan writing: “Pete seems to be the kind of person who doesn’t care about tattoos and just tattoos anything on himself, so I can imagine him tattooing and ‘branding’ himself – it’s a baked story. Kim and Chris.

Fans on Reddit quickly noticed an omission in vacation photos.

One fan said, “Good, because it’s one of the dumbest things he’s ever done, and it’s also creepy.”

Another Reddit user asked, “Are we sure the collar isn’t covering that area of ​​his neck?”

This is not the only tattoo he has done for Kim.

Kim recently posted a black-and-white close-up of another of Pete’s tattoos, which says in giant black letters that his “girlfriend” turned out to be a “lawyer.”

E! the star had previously failed the bar exam many times before finally passing the test.

Pete also has “BRAND” on his neck, which says “Kim”.


Kim and Pete were recently relaxing on the beach in a secluded sexy spot.

She posted photos on Instagram of herself and Pete standing together knee-deep in crystal blue water and kissing with their arms around his waist.

They were also seen together in the middle of the ocean in a canoe.

Pete appears to be holding the camera for one shot of Kim leaning back showing off her sensational figure as viewers see part of his legs touch hers on the boat.

In one photo, Kim looks down at the beach as she adjusts her bikini bottoms, trying to avoid breaking her wardrobe before stepping into the crystal clear water.

Pete joins her in the water, shirtless, other tattoos visible, wearing matching black swimming trunks.

Kim Kardashian on PDA with Pete on vacation


Kim Kardashian on PDA with Pete on vacation
Pete and Kim seem closer than ever


Pete and Kim seem closer than ever1 credit
Pete got other tattoos for Kim after a six month date.


Pete got other tattoos for Kim after a six month date.1 credit

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