Kardashian fans are saying Kourtney is REALLY pregnant after she indulges in chicken cravings and shows off her curves in a red corset.

Kardashian fans have come to the conclusion that Kourtney is indeed pregnant after she indulges in vegan chicken nuggets and flaunts in a red corset.

Courtney, 43, and her husband Travis Barker, 46, posted an ad for plant-based chicken company Daring today.


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker for Daring. chicken nuggetsCredit: Ellen von Unwerth.
Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker have released promotional photos for Daring.  vegan chicken nuggets


Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker have released promotional photos for Daring. vegan chicken nuggetsCredit: Ellen von Unwerth

The vegan chicken ad was posted on both Instagrams.

Courtney’s post shows the founder of Poosh and the drummer of Blink-182 in the back seat of a limousine.

She’s wearing a red snakeskin-patterned dominatrix corset and sunglasses as a shirtless, sunglasses-wearing Travis grabs her from behind.

The TV presenter carries a bucket full of vegan nuggets as her rock star husband watches intently as she bites into one.

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Courtney captioned the photo: “Guys, there are chickens that are dying. Why do we love @daring products Plant a chicken.”

Travis Barker’s post continues the “vegan is sexy” theme with another PDA photo.

In it, a rocker slips spaghetti into his wife’s open mouth.

The Hulu star sits on a table filled with other Daring products and happily eats handmade pasta.

Travis signs his post with “Didn’t make it to the table” followed by a plant and chicken emoji.

These new photos and the increased abundance of corsets in the TV presenter’s wardrobe have led many fans to believe that she and Travis are expecting a baby.

Kourtney was photographed while relaxing with her husband in Milan over the weekend.

She was pictured posing at an open window in a tight black dress with a leather jacket on the side.

Some eagle-eyed fans thought they might spot the bump under Kourtney’s tight dress.

“Pregnant?” asked one in the comments section of Kourtney’s post.

“Child?” another asked.

Finally, the third concluded: “She is PREGNANT.”


The couple struggled to conceive and went through IVF, but in recent months, Kourtney has switched to a more natural, holistic approach.

During a recent episode of Kardashian, the Poosh founder announced that she used some weird methods to try and get pregnant.

The reality TV star was sitting with her sisters Kim and Khloe and mother Kris Jenner in the living room of her Hidden Hills mansion and revealed that she suddenly lost weight as a result of a Panchakarma cleanse.

“I lost 5 pounds, but that was not the goal. The goal was to get rid of all the toxins and get a clean egg,” she explained.

“Then I made Yoni steam and I want to buy Yoni steam for all of you. It’s so good for your vagina that you put roses and stuff in there.”

But her younger sister Chloe looked worried and disgusted as she replied, “I don’t want to expose my vagina to this. hot vagina? Sounds rough.”


In another recent episode of the Hulu show, another unusual method of increasing fertility was demonstrated.

In one segment, Courtney sits down to dinner with her friend Steph Shepard, 32.

Lunch looks pretty standard for both sides with sliced ​​avocado and greens as the main course of each of their meals.

Except for Courtney, who has an extra plate of bite-sized small hard-boiled eggs.

When the Poosh founder starts digging in, she tells her guest, “I don’t know if I’ll regret this lunch choice.”

She continues, “I have to eat quail eggs every day.”

Confused, worried, and a little indignant, Steph asks, “Why?”

Courtney replies, “For having children.”

Her friend then asks what most of the viewers were interested in: “Why can’t you just eat a regular egg?

Courtney bluntly replies, “I don’t know,” and then eats one of the eggs.


Kourtney and Travis’ pregnancy rumors have been circulating since the 2022 Met Gala.

Kourtney and Travis debuted in fashion’s biggest nighttime sports ensembles.

The Poosh founder wore a cropped white blouse made from parts of Travis’ clothing, remodeled to match a mermaid-inspired maxi skirt.

Her rocker beau, for his part, wore a tuxedo, a white shirt and a kilt-style skirt over black trousers.

Travis completed his evening look with elegant sunglasses.

Fans, however, were more focused on Kourtney’s midsection as some thought they noticed the bump.

Kardashian fan page on Instagram, Kardashian Socialshared a clip of the couple posing for pictures and kissing on the red carpet in typical Kourtney and Travis fashion.

They captioned the post: “Kravis with their now famous Met Gala tongue kiss…”

Some commentators have suggested that the reality TV star is “hiding her pregnancy” because of the high-waisted skirt that covers most of her belly.

Travis Barker's post was a little more obscene and consisted of him feeding Courtney spaghetti.


Travis Barker’s post was a little more obscene and consisted of him feeding Courtney spaghetti.Credit: Ellen von Unwerth
Courtney eats a quail egg to help herself. "birth of a child"


Courtney eats a quail egg to “have a baby”.1 credit
Kardashian fans claim to have spotted a


Kardashian fans claim to have spotted a “bump” under Kourtney’s black dress.Credit: Instagram/@courtneykardash

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