Kardashian fans are shocked by Kim’s tour of her huge “organic fridge” with tons of fruits and vegetables.

KARDASHIAN fans were shocked by Kim’s tour of her huge built-in organic-filled fridge, which has tons of fruits and vegetables.

Kim, 41, recently had a Photoshop failure while on vacation with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28.


Kim Kardashian’s fridge is the size of a restaurant fridge1 credit
Kim Gives Kardashian Fans a TikTok Fridge Tour


Kim Gives Kardashian Fans a TikTok Fridge TourCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

A video tour posted on the Kardashian TikTok account gave fans a peek into the SKIMS founder’s refrigerator.

It all starts with Kim using a cherry tattoo filter to let her viewers know she’s going to give them a tour.

The tape then cuts to the Hulu star, who opens the heavy stainless steel refrigerator door and says, “Guys, I have a built-in refrigerator.”

Fans are treated to a snapshot of a shelf filled to the ceiling with food as she tells her audience, “[It’s] where we store all of our fresh organic produce.”

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The camera then moves inside the built-in refrigerator, giving fans a close-up view of the mini grocery store.

Large containers of apples, lemons, limes, strawberries, blueberries and grapes sit on the top shelf of the back wall.

Beneath it, another shelf is filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots, and other vegetables.

Kim goes on to say, “We build all the organic trees on the property so we can grow our own vegetables.”

The TV presenter aims her camera at a nearby wall filled with dairy products, prepackaged sauces and bottled juices.

She then pans the camera in a different direction and shows a shelf of condiments and several containers of ready meals.

Kim continues to orate: “These are all our meals, guys, you know that I now eat plant foods.”

She ends by giving fans one last look inside the fridge, stating, “[so] all our stuff is here.”

Kardashian fans rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on Kim’s fridge.

One person wrote: “This is not a refrigerator, this is a cold room.”

While another added, “More than my bathroom.”

A third fan commented, “It should be for all of us, not just the rich. She worked hard, no shadow.”

Other fans used the comments to poke fun at E! star.

One commenter asked, “Trees for growing vegetables?!?”

While another joked, “Why would they do that when all they do is order salad from restaurants?”


Kim’s plant-based diet must be working, as the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” alum recently showed off their curves in a barely visible white lingerie set.

The reality TV star posed in a completely see-through white bra and thong, while her platinum blonde hair was pulled back into a bun.

The TV host walked barefoot on the marble floor of the huge master bathroom of her $60 million Hidden Hills mansion.

Kim spoke on camera about her latest SKIMS lingerie look, saying, “I’m obsessed with this little set. This is the top I can’t show you guys. Super cute.”

The mother-of-four has flaunted her tiny frame, flat stomach and muscles as she has been focusing on her fitness lately.


The 41-year-old continued to show off her lean, mean body when boyfriend Pete Davidson filmed her slowly entering the water in a tiny black bikini.

Fans have noticed that Kim’s belly button seems to “disappear” before reappearing, which is a clear sign of an edit.

One of them posted on an Instagram fan account. KardashianSocial: “Her belly button disappears and reappears lol.”

Another wrote: “Damn, she lost so much weight that her belly button just disappeared, did you all see that?!”

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A third wrote, “Her belly button is just disappearing,” while a fourth commented, “Lol, the edges of her belly are a little blurry.”

Kim and Pete went on their tropical vacation on Monday and are enjoying boat trips and turtle watching.

Kim Kardashian's fridge is full of organic fruits and vegetables


Kim Kardashian’s fridge is full of organic fruits and vegetablesCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Fans noticed the retouching went wrong when Kim's belly button seemed to disappear in this vacation video.


Fans noticed the retouching went wrong when Kim’s belly button seemed to disappear in this vacation video.Photo: INSTAGRAM/KIM KARDASHIAN
Kim's boyfriend Pete Davidson recorded the video during the couple's vacation in the tropics.


Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson recorded the video during the couple’s vacation in the tropics.1 credit

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