Kardashian fans are worried about Kim’s four children after discovering a ‘sad’ clue that she will be ‘a stage mom like Kris Jenner’.

KARDASHIAN fans have begun to worry about Kim’s four children after discovering an unfortunate clue that she will be a stage mom, just like her mother Kris.

Kim, 41, shares children North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, with ex-husband Kanye West, 45.


Perfect mom Kris with her daughters Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian1 credit
Kim Kardashian with children: North, eight years old, Saint, six years old, Chicago, four years old, and Psalm, three years old.


Kim Kardashian with children: North, eight years old, Saint, six years old, Chicago, four years old, and Psalm, three years old.Credit: KIM KARDASHIAN/INSTAGRAM

A fan posted a theory on the popular Reddit board Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The board is titled, “Kim is a stage mom. Ultimately, where will she end up? [the] Stage mom spectrum?

Kris Jenner, 66, is known for her dedication and determination as a stage mom and, ultimately, mom to her kids.

Her stage mom instincts were on full display in the equally infamous Clip KUVTK in which Kris cheered on her daughter Kim from the side as the SKIMS founder posed partially nude for a Playboy centerfold.

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In the post, a fan explains how they believe Kim is already a stage mom like her own mother Kris, but wants to know where other fans think Kim would fall into the range from

The fan begins by writing: “First, not all stage mothers are poor, conventionally unattractive unknowns.”

“You can be beautiful and rich like Kim and still be a stage mom.”

The Redditor continues: “Kim uses kids and will continue to do so to fund his own lifestyle. Using them to get attention. [i.e.] using them as money, because the latter is equal to the former.”

“Also, stage moms make their kids excel at things that the stage mom thinks the kid should excel at. I doubt that Kimberly would be happy if North decided to live on a farm away from [the] spotlight or Chi to be a 1st grade teacher.”

The fan then adds, “Kim would probably be happy if North became a successful fashion designer, Chi became a model, Saint became an athlete, and Psalm became a rapper. Lol.”

Redditor then adds a third reason to support their theory, stating “Another thing stage moms do is try to live off their kids.”

“This is another reason why I feel that Kim would like her children to be legitimate artists. She is still sensitive to being told that she has no “talent” and would like to experience that fame through her children.”


The fan then asks fellow KUWTK Redditors, “What kind of stage mom do you think she would be? The obvious answer would be her own mother, Chris, but who else?

Reddit users rushed to the comment thread to share their thoughts on Kim as a stage mom.

One fan wrote, “Kim is Kris 2.0 without a doubt.”

Another added, “I expect the Kim-Ye kids to skyrocket and become even more famous as the years go by.”

They continued, “Either a full blown reality show dedicated to them or a possible career in senior entertainment.”

A third person wrote, “I think Kim will push them towards a ‘real’ entertainment career rather than a reality show. She seems so insecure about her status because she has no real talent. I think she’ll try to teach her kids acting or music to solidify her “artist” brand.

Other Reddit users disagreed with this theory, writing, “I don’t agree that Kim is a stage mom. Does she use her children for financial gain? Yes. But it’s more to boost her own fame than it is to boost their fame individually. I don’t see her spending more time on someone else’s career than her own.”

Another doubted that she would be able to control all the children, as mother Chris does.

“I see [Kim] I would do this with Chi and Psalm (they look like sweet and obedient children), but not with North and Saint. She doesn’t have Chris’ charisma to control them.”

One fan jokingly asked, “Do we think her advice would be, ‘Get the hell up and work’?”


Kim has already received backlash for how she overly controls her daughter North’s appearance in the public eye.

The TV presenter’s Instagram stories caught the attention of one Reddit of a user who wondered if she had altered a picture of an eight-year-old child.

Pictured is the mother-daughter duo during their Italian getaway for Sister Kim Courtney’s wedding to Travis Barker.

The couple posed on the boat, with Kim wearing a tight sheer black dress while North opted for a beige corset with a pink fur coat and plaid trousers.

The user also shared a paparazzi shot of Kim and North on the same outing, raising eyebrows over whether Kim photoshopped her photo given their differences.

Did Kim Kardashian photoshop North’s face and body in her latest IG post? the caption was read, prompting many comments from critics along the same lines.

“I think Kim just photoshopped it so North looks out of place,” one person replied.

“Oh my god, I came right in here when I saw this on IG. Something is wrong with [the] background against the background of these two and the body looks sooo long. Festive photo shoot on a green screen? another asked.

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“Yes. The answer to this question is always yes,” said a third.

“I don’t know what is weirder, she does it or does not see that this is a strange act. What happened to carefree Kimmy,” said a fourth.

"you make amazing cute"- these are the famous words of Chris from the now famous video


“You’re acting amazing, honey,” are Chris’ famous words from the now-famous Keeping Up With the Kardashians video, in which mommy cheers daughter Kim on a Playboy shoot.Credit: E!
Musician Kanye West is the father of four of Kim's children.


Musician Kanye West is the father of four of Kim’s children.1 credit
Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West dressed up to impress in Paris, France.


Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West dressed up to impress in Paris, France.1 credit

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