Kardashian fans chose the stunning vintage wedding dress that Kourtney HAD to wear in Italy after watching a pop-up video.

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans think she should have worn her mom Kris Jenner’s old wedding dress to her wedding in Italy.

The 43-year-old was criticized for wearing a short Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress that critics said was “gaudy and tasteless”.


Fans of Kourtney Kardashian chose a vintage wedding dress that she had to wear in Italy.Credit: TheImageDirect.com
They think her mom Kris Jenner's old wedding dress would be perfect (Kim saw her trying it on)


They think her mom Kris Jenner’s old wedding dress would be perfect (Kim saw her trying it on)Credit: E!
Kim tried on the dress on a new episode of KUWTK.


Kim tried on the dress on a new episode of KUWTK.Credit: E!

Fans believe they found the stunning vintage dress that Kourtney should have worn instead after watching a new video from KUWTK.

In this episode, Kris showed daughters Kim and Khloe her wedding dress from their 1978 wedding to their late father, Robert.

Khloe said the clothes were “so ugly” and brought her mom to tears, so Kim offered to try them on.

The reality TV star looked incredible in a retro dress with a fitted lace bodice, round neckline, bell sleeves and a full skirt with lace trim.

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Kim jokingly sang in her dress, singing, “The hills are alive!” before saying, “I feel like I’m in the Sound of Music.”

Chris approved of the look, confessing, “Kim looks great in it and it fits her like a glove.”

An old video resurfaced on Reddit where one fan wrote, “This old Kris wedding dress that Khloe called ‘so ugly’ literally looks better than Kourtney’s wedding dress.”

Another added, “I WISH Kourtney wore this,” while another posted on Instagram, “would be so much better.”

For her lavish third wedding to Travis Barker in Portofino, Italy earlier this month, Kourtney wore a short corset dress, opera gloves and a flowing veil.

Fans were disappointed with the bride’s look, with one posting on Facebook, “Like she mixed her wedding and wedding night outfits…”

Another joked, “She’s trying so hard to be a punk/rock ‘n’ roll girl, but she just looks like a kid dressing up in her mother’s underwear.”

“I’m from Las Vegas and it’s still tasteless. This gives the “theater kid, first time out of the Midwest” the level of a tourist,” wrote someone else.


Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively reported that Kourtney was “depressed” by the negative comments about her dress.

According to an insider, the mom-of-three apparently fell in love with it when she first tried it on, but then hated the way it looked on camera.

A source said: “She loved her dress when she chose it, she felt really good in it, and then she hated it when she saw pictures of it.

“She was upset with how it looked on camera and she doesn’t like the fan reaction to it.”


Kourtney also felt the wedding got too chaotic when she actually envisioned a much more personal event, the source claims.

“The wedding was completely chaotic – it was supposed to be closed, but a lot of uninvited people showed up,” the insider said.

“They did not expect so many people to bring positives and even deuces.

“They felt they had to let everyone in. They were in a foreign country and didn’t know what else to do but let them in.”

Kourtney also faced backlash for her other outfits during her wild bridal weekend, including a short black dress with a black veil and a red fur-trimmed dress.

Kourtney criticized for 'tasteless' D&G dress


Kourtney criticized for ‘tasteless’ D&G dressCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
That weekend, she faced backlash for several of her outfits.


That weekend, she faced backlash for several of her outfits.1 credit

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