Kardashian fans criticize Kim, Kourtney and Khloe for ‘bad parenting’ after noticing ‘inappropriate’ behavior in front of kids

KARDASHIAN fans have a lot to say when it comes to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s parenting style.

Fans have turned away from the reality TV star sisters after seeing a new clip of them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Kim complains about cookies and weight loss in front of the kids
The Kardashian sisters have already come under fire for their choice of parents.


The Kardashian sisters have already come under fire for their choice of parents.Credit: Instagram/@kendalljenner

The clips show Kim, 41, entering a hotel room with her two children, along with Khloe and Kendall.

Kim, looking angry, tells her sister, “Didn’t I give up those cookies?!

“They must be removed!”

“I gained 15 pounds! Like, this is a joke, I’ll throw them in the toilet, ”she continued.

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Kim grabs the cookie tower and puffs out of the kitchen as her two children watch and follow her.

Kim’s younger sister, 26-year-old Kendall, walks into the kitchen wearing a black mask and replies, “Okay, then control yourself, Kim, because I love it!”

“No, I can’t eat them and I’m not kidding,” Kim says, tossing them on a counter in another room.

Fans were quick to react, calling Kim “selfish” and “self-centered.”

“What a gross overreaction this is, I’ve never seen anyone get so damn horny over a plate of cookies they can’t eat,” said one fan.

Another wrote: “She has everything in the world, but she is still ungrateful.”

Viewers also said that Kim’s reaction in front of her children was “dangerous” and could lead to them having body image issues.

“How much you weigh doesn’t equal how worthy you are,” wrote one fan.

Another wrote, “It’s pretty unsettling to watch, especially with her kids all around soaking it all up like sponges.”

Sister fights

This isn’t the first time the famous sisters have quarreled in front of the public.

In season 18 of KUWTK, the relationship between the two older sisters became physical as a vicious fight left Kim nasty cuts.

Tensions boiled over after Kim again criticized the Poosh creator’s work ethic and accused her of “not caring about things.”

Clearly offended, Kourtney then fired, “I’ll literally screw you if you mention it again. Shut up and don’t laugh like that, you look like a freak!”

After a bitter quarrel ended, an irritated 37-year-old sister Chloe confessed: “We really don’t know where all this came from. We know there’s been friction lately, but I don’t think any of us knew it was that bad and hard.

She concluded, “It’s really amazing that things got this far.”


Mum-of-four Kim has recently come under fire for her choice of parents.

Kim raised her eyebrows after posting the video to Instagram Live as she was on her way to the Tonight Show studio to record.

Saint yelled “Hello, weirdos” and “If you’re watching this, I hate you!” during the video.

Later, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Saint and Psalm, who were sitting in the audience with their girlfriend Kim, interrupted filming.

This caused Kim to ask them to stop, reminding them that they were at work with their mom and had to behave themselves.

Fans were quick to bring Kim’s attention to her upbringing, with many stating that she should have better control over her children and their behavior, or claiming that children have no manners and are spoiled.

Kim reportedly prefers to follow the Koala Parenting Method, a parenting style that promotes close bonding between parents and their children.

Proponents of the method believe that as a result of this, children will feel more secure and become more independent as they grow older.

Fans also noticed on live TV that the car they were in was moving, however Saint was not in a child seat and his younger brother Psalm was also not wearing seat belts.

Small children rushed around the car, pushing to get into the camera and hugging each other and their mother.

Kim struggled to discipline her children and they both yelled at each other.

Kim is interrupted by Saint and Psalm while recording Jimmy Fallon.


Kim is interrupted by Saint and Psalm while recording Jimmy Fallon.
Fans criticized Kim for her son's behavior


Fans criticized Kim for her son’s behavior1 credit
Kim and her sisters were already arguing on camera.


Kim and her sisters were already arguing on camera.Credit: Instagram/Kimkardashian

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