Kardashian Fans Demand Family Dissolution Due To History Of “Racist Behavior” After Khloe’s Shocking N-Word Clip Surfaces

Kardashian fans have demanded that the famous family be disbanded due to their alleged history of “racist behavior” after Khloe’s shocking “n” video reappeared.

A Redditor compiled a “short list” of Kardashian Family alumni and their alleged “racist actions.”


A shocking clip from the past of Khloe Kardashian appeared on the networkCredit: Eh! the network
Chloe previously posted a photo with the caption


Chloe previously posted a photo with the caption “Love your racist neighbor.”Credit: Instagram / @khloekardashian

The list, which highlighted cases where the stars were accused of racism, included the time that 37-year-old Chloe was torn apart for reportedly “flashing” her daughter Tru’s skin. OK log in October 2018.

Another time happened when fans also accused Chloe of allegedly using Instagram filters on the face of her then 2-year-old child. Crib back in April 2020.

Fans remembered another case when twitter user claimed that the reality TV star allegedly referred to herself as a “nigga lover.” back in June 2019.

According to reports, back in March 2019, Chloe shared a snapshot with the caption, “Love your racist neighbor” on an Instagram story. Buzzfeed

In January 2021, Chloe’s 41-year-old sister Kim was also accused by fans of allegedly “black catching” her skin.

The excitement started when E! The star reportedly posted a photo of her hands on her Instagram Stories.

There were two very different shades of color on her hands.

In the picture, one hand of Kim looked lighter than the other.

She wrote: “Body makeup is perfect for hands because my hands are always pale and our formula is waterproof so you can wash your hands!

“We used a light / medium color.”


The recent backlash began when an alleged old music video from Chloe’s time reappeared on KUWTK.

In the comeback scene, the TV presenter stood up for her sister Kim after trolls accused her of appropriating black culture.

Offering a response to the haters, Chloe reportedly said, “Fact with the hashtag, my baby is black.

Hashtag: I only like black dicks. That’s what I would say. “

She then reportedly used the N-word when describing some of the name-calling she received from fans.

After one Twitter user re-shares old clip on social media, fans pleaded with Hulu to “cancel” their new show.


One fan objected, “They need to be canceled !! Why did Hulu even bother to extend the life of this show ?? “

Another wrote in a comment that was received RadarOnline: “Dear @hulu, if you continue to support the Kardashians and provide them with a platform, I will cancel your service.”

The third rant: “Why is no one talking about the fact that Khloe Kardashian said a word with the letter” H “with a hard” P “in KUWTK ??!?”

Chloe has not yet commented on the video that has appeared.

Chloe reportedly said,


Chloe reportedly said, “Hashtag fact, my baby is black.”1 credit
Kim Kardashian was previously accused by fans of


Kim Kardashian was previously accused by fans of “black fishing”1 credit
Khloe and Kim have been accused by fans of


Khloe and Kim have been accused by fans of “racist actions”1 credit
Khloe Kardashian upset over family’s “harrowing decision” to stop filming KUWTK

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