Kardashian fans note ’embarrassing’ details about Kylie Jenner in her new video with best friend Stassi Karanikolaou.

KARDASHIAN fans have noted an embarrassing detail about Kylie Jenner and her best friend Stassi Karanikolaou in a new video.

Kylie, 24, recently announced a collaboration with Stassi, 25, for makeup mogul Kylie Cosmetics’ line.


Kylie Jenner and best friend Stassi Karanikolaou promote their new makeup collaboration on Youtube.Credit: Youtube/Kylie Jenner
Kardashian fans note that both Kylie and Stassi check their own reflections while recording the video.


Kardashian fans note that both Kylie and Stassi check their own reflections while recording the video.Credit: Youtube/Kylie Jenner

A video titled “Stassie x Kylie: Introbbing Our Collab” was posted on Kylie’s Youtube channel.

The pair use a video introduction to detail the intentions of their project.

Kylie explains, “We’re going from main to…” while the entire time of filming, the star stares into the bottom corner, presumably at her reflection in the viewfinder.

Stassi intervenes, ending her best friend’s sentence by adding “great”, which the founder of Kylie Cosmetics repeats in agreement.

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Kylie and “Stas”, as Kylie’s collaborator is often referred to, go together to showcase their joint venture’s various products.

The line includes pink and blue liquid eyeliners, Stassie Baby signature lip sets, Bestie Energy lighter and Gonna Get Wasted lip gloss.

Although the video was intended to inform viewers about the upcoming BFF makeup line, Kardashian fans on Reddit noticed that the educators were more interested in themselves than in their products.

One Redditor wrote: “They are so obviously looking at themselves through the viewfinder all the time.”

A second fan added, “Kylie didn’t do Stassi any favors by picking the thumbnail.”

Another agreed to write: “This gives handsome Squidward [vibes].”

While a fourth Reddit user wrote: “I love that they put makeup on top of already filled [madeup] faces.”

Other Redditors prefer to discuss couples’ cosmetic enhancements.

“There is no reason for their lips to look like this,” one person commented.

While another asked, “What did Stassi do to her lips? They look like sausages. They used to look really good.”


Reality TV star adopted her Instagram profile on Tuesday to share a full glamor photo along with her best friend Stassi.

In the picture, the presenter and her boyfriend pose in matching latex bodysuits, one in pink and the other in blue.

The thong outfits came with matching latex gloves, Kylie wore a pink wig to match her look, and Stassi wore a blue wig to complement her own.

Both girls wore full glam makeovers as they modeled their collaborative collection together.

The Hulu star captioned her post, “AAAAAA FINALLY!! @staskaranikolaou and I started dreaming about this collaboration a few years ago and we finally made it happen.

“Our mini collection includes a duo of glosses, a special Stassie lip kit, a highlighter in Stas’s perfect shade, and two fun liquid eyeliner pens. It was so unusual to create this with my best friend.

“Can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it next Monday June 13th at kyliecosmetics.com. @kyliecosmetics.”


Fans recently accused Kylie of editing a video of her flaunting her abs just two months after the birth of her son.

The TV star showed off her midsection in the caption to her Instagram story as she posed, “My abs are here trying to finally get back,” along with a slew of prayer hands emoji.

Reddit users, however, were not convinced that the video had been recorded very recently.

The original poster read, “Kylie just posted this… are we really supposed to believe this is her recent video?”

Another replied: “Is it even humanly possible to regain abs just two months after giving birth?”

One Redditor commented that Kylie's best friend Stassi Karanikolaou's lips look like sausages.


One Redditor commented that Kylie’s best friend Stassi Karanikolaou’s lips look like sausages.Credit: Youtube/Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner announced the Kylie Cosmetics Stassi X Kylie collaboration on her Instagram.


Kylie Jenner announced the Kylie Cosmetics Stassi X Kylie collaboration on her Instagram.Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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