Kardashian fans shocked by Khloe’s intimate moment with husband Kourtney Travis after ‘flirting’ with Scott Disick

KARDASHIAN fans were shocked after a clip surfaced showing Khloe sharing an intimate moment with Travis Barker.

The Hulu star could be seen playing lewd games with drummer Blink 182 years before he started dating her older sister Kourtney.


In the game, Travis and Chloe could be seen getting closer.Credit: FYI / CHLOE COCKTAILS
Courtney and Travis got married earlier this year.


Courtney and Travis got married earlier this year.1 credit

Chloe, 38, could be seen playing a fun game with Travis, 46, during an episode of Chloe Cocktails back in 2016.

The drummer and his now sister-in-law may have witnessed a bonding in the sexually charged game Pass the Orange, in which players pass an orange in a circle using their bodies rather than their hands.

Travis was seen trying to pass an orange from under Chloe’s chin as she hugged him to get closer in the throwback clip.

The Kardashian star rubbed her body against Travis in several failed attempts to pass the orange as the audience laughed.

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Silent, Travis kept his hands away from Chloe’s body as the couple rolled the orange awkwardly between their bodies.

Wearing a tight corset top that showed off her cleavage, the adorable Chloe giggled as she stepped closer to the drummer.

He could be seen looking very different with a neatly trimmed beard as he hid his embarrassed face behind a large hat during the game.

The clip comes years before Kourtney, 43, started dating Travis in 2021, and the couple wed earlier this year in Italy.

Travis and Kourtney held their third wedding in Portofino in May, after they officially tied the knot at a courthouse ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.

The couple have been friends since meeting in 2006, when Travis first became friends with sister Kourtney Kim, 41.

The couple bonded in 2017 when they became neighbors and started having dinner with each other.

It comes after fans were shocked by flirtatious comments left by ex-husband Kourtney Scott Disick under a sexy photo of Khloe.

Khloe was spotted showing off her curves in a tight jumpsuit as fans went crazy in the comments section for her latest glamorous look.

Among them was Scott, who supported him by writing “Looks great” along with a fire emoji.

Daddy has been criticized by fans for being caught in a mix that has three kids and an ongoing feud with Chloe’s sister Kourtney.

Scott and Kourtney dated for nearly a decade from 2006 to 2015 and have Mason, 12, Rain, seven, and Penelope, nine.

Earlier this year, Kourtney shaded Scott on her POOSH page.

The reality TV star shared a quote about her lifestyle and health that read, “I have a great life without you.”

As fans have hinted, Scott and his ex’s sister Chloe are indeed close.

“Chloe and Scott have a very good relationship,” the source said. Us weekly in December.

“He speaks highly of her. They have a real connection. You can see when they’re together and it really shows.”

The insider added about the couple spotted together: “No matter how stressed out,” she “will always be there for him” and Khloe feels she “could lend a hand to Scott when she needs someone to lean on.”

Chloe and Travis were seen trying to move the orange.


Chloe and Travis were seen trying to move the orange.Credit: FYI / CHLOE COCKTAILS
Travis was a longtime friend of the Kardashians.


Travis was a longtime friend of the Kardashians.1 credit

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