Kardashian fans shocked that Khloe looks almost ‘bald’ in new Nurtec ad

Fans of KHLOE Kardashian were shocked to see her almost “bald” scalp in the new ad.

The 38-year-old KUWK star shared a video promoting a drug that is used to treat migraines.


Khloe Kardashian shocked fans with her almost “bald” head in a new video1 credit
The TV presenter gave the impression that her hairline receded dramatically.


The TV presenter gave the impression that her hairline receded dramatically.Photo: INSTAGRAM/khloekardashian
The TV star wore her hair in a sleek braid.


The TV star wore her hair in a sleek braid.1 credit

But fans were very distracted by Khloe’s hairstyle, which gave the impression that her hairline had receded dramatically.

The media personality styled her blond locks into a tight, sleek braid.

Pulling her hair to one side, the star explained that sometimes she suffers from headaches.

She captioned the clip: “Being able to control and prevent migraine attacks with a generic medicine like @nurtecodt is such a blessing.

“It allowed me to continue doing what I am passionate about!

“Be sure to ask your doctor about Nurtec ODT if you also suffer from migraines. Individual results may vary.”

However, fans were stunned by Khloe’s new look and begged to know if she was using a “bald filter” or if her hair was falling out.

One wrote: “Bruh, where is your hair?”

Another wrote: “I thought she had that bald Snapchat filter.”

The third said: “Where does this forehead come from? It didn’t exist before!”

“Girl, maybe you have a migraine because your ponytail is too tight,” someone else joked.

A fifth said, “I thought she was using a bald filter.”

One fan commented, “Chloe, for a second I thought you were bald. But you’re still great.”

“Why did I have to blink to understand her head? I thought she was using a filter,” added another.

This isn’t the only change fans have noticed lately.


Followers shared a theory that Khloe had her butt implants removed after they spotted a clue in a new video.

Chloe’s butt reduction rumors are nothing new, as fans have shared theories in the past regarding her ever-changing size.

A fan took to the popular Kardashian Reddit board to share his theory regarding Khloe’s recently shrunken backside.

Redditor posted a screenshot from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians scene, which featured Khloe, 38, and sister Kourtney Kardashian, 43.

A screenshot captioned “Let me know if you see it all” depicts the Good American co-founder with a much bigger butt than what fans are currently used to.

Other Redditors spoke out in the comment thread, with one fan writing, “Of course it’ll mess up your back.”

Khloé’s fans were convinced she had her butt implant rumors removed after seeing her smaller buttocks when she attended a screening of the Kardashian season 1 finale back in June.

The reality TV star, upon arrival at the event in a white jumpsuit, found herself with a significantly reduced back.

Khloe, who has caused concern in recent months with her drastic weight loss, wore a low back jumpsuit.

She accessorized the one-piece swimsuit with oversized ’70s-inspired sunglasses, white stilettos, and a black purse.

The mother-of-two was joined by the rest of her famous family at the screening Wednesday at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles.


Fans claimed that Chloe’s butt looked noticeably smaller, and it was as if her hearing implants had been removed.

One wrote on an Instagram fan page, “She reduced her buttock lift like the Kim I see.”

Another agreed, writing, “Butt looks tiny!”

Khloe has faced years of rumors that she’s had buttock surgery, though she denied those rumors back in April.

After she shared a video of herself working out in tight leggings, one fan commented, “God, you see her implants when you stretch. [The second] a layer of her ass on top of her ass [sic]”.

Khloe soon clapped back at the comment, denying the claims and insisting that the crease in question was due to the style of the seam on her leggings.

The reality TV star responded, “Lol stupid goose. This is the seam design of the leggings. this is so funny ha!

“Guys, you just want to believe in something bad” along with a laughing emoji.

Lower Timeline

When Khloe was in her early thirties, her buttocks drew a lot of attention as they looked disproportionate to the rest of her body in tight skirts and pants.

Some fans have speculated that her croup looks bigger than the rest of her body, that she may have had a Brazilian butt lift.

Despite the surgery rumors, Khloe started sharing her fitness regime more with her social media followers after the premiere of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian in 2017.

In 2018, Khloe became a mom to her first daughter, Four, and decided to show her followers how much she works on her body.

Images of her pushing her stroller showcased the 38-year-old’s huge butt.

However, by 2021, Chloe’s butt has shrunk in size.

Fans have noticed that she has become smaller than before and asked if she removed the fillers they suspected she had.

Despite the rumors, Khloe has consistently denied ever using buttock fillers.

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