Kardashian fans spotted detail in Kim’s photo that ‘proves’ she’s had new ‘plastic surgery’ on her face

KARDASHIAN fans have found a detail in Kim’s photo that ‘proves’ the reality star has undergone a new ‘plastic surgery’ procedure on her face.

While some fans seem to be focused on Kim’s face, others have expressed dismay at the surprisingly skinny body underneath.


Kardashian fans believe they’ve spotted a detail that “proves” that Kim recently had plastic surgery.Credit: Mega agency
A fan referred to a strange detail in Kim's recent photos.


A fan referred to a strange detail in Kim’s recent photos.1 credit

Fans on the popular Kardashian Reddit board have posted some new photos shared by the Keeping Up With Kardashians alum.

In the photos, Kim, 41, poses in a basement gym wearing a tiny beige bikini and camouflage Yeezy high boots.

While some fans have decided to turn their attention to Kim’s shoe choice and what that decision could mean, others have noticed something “wrong” about Kim’s face.

“Her face looks very different from a few weeks ago,” wrote one inquisitive fan, prompting others to share their opinions in the comment thread.

A second Reddit user added, “I’m convinced she did something to her nose.”

Another person agreed, writing, “Looks like the first photo, but I really hope it’s not.

Then he continued: “What is this obsession with short noses in this family? Sure, they can look good, but not when it’s completely ruining.” [the] internal harmony of the face.

A third fan echoed, “For me, it’s her nostrils!! Not specifically here, but in other photos and videos lately, they are so bloated and uneven.”

“In the video of her getting the injection, it definitely looks like her nose is completely knocked out of her head,” agreed a fourth.

While the latest commenter added: “I know this is crazy and in that video she posted in her office recently, her nostrils are sooooo flared and uneven. Something just isn’t right.”


Aside from Botox, Kim has been consistently silent about whether or not she has had plastic surgery, although it has been assumed that she has had a huge amount of cosmetic work done.

A recently surfaced video has Kardashian fans praising how “beautiful” teenage Kim looked before her plastic surgery.

A TikTok video clip borrowed from Entertainment Tonight shows a less polished and much more carefree Kim.

Made in 1994, the future TV presenter gives an interview similar to dancing in high school.

The bubbly teen stays on the court and makes some stunningly accurate predictions as she has a fuller, rounder face and jaw-length bob haircut.

The clip begins with Kim speaking at a mile per minute directly to the camera/cameraman.

“[Are] are you recording this? Because I hope you do so that you can see me when I’m famous and older and you’ll remember me… that pretty little girl.”

“Excuse me, are you leaving?” calls Kim to the itinerant cameraman, as if she were ready to commission a film crew to film her life.

She introduced herself: “My name is Kim Kardashian, I’m the coolest person in this class.”

The video then shows teenage Kim cutting the carpet with some manic spin.

The young Kardashian’s voice-over continued as she danced, “Everyone loves me because I’m so popular!”

The clip ended with Kim still plugged into the microphone, “We have so many memories, but you know they’ll miss me the most!”


The Reddit board that hosted the video about aliens quickly filled with comments about Kim’s appearance in her youth.

One Redditor wrote, “She is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder she has a huge ego.”

Another wrote: “She sounds and acts just like Kourtney. It’s crazy how much she’s changed.”

One fan commented, “That strong chin! Now he is very clean-shaven and sculpted, but then he looked great, her features really matched well with him!

Others have added general praise to Kim’s natural beauty before the plastic surgery.

“She is so beautiful here,” one person commented, while another added, “She was so beautiful, wow.”

A third commented, “She was so pretty, omg… until now.”


Lately, Kardashian fans have been more concerned about the SKIMS founder’s lean physique than her possibly surgically altered face.

Kim showed off her toned figure in a shocking video after going to extremes with diet and exercise to reshape her body.

Back in May, the reality TV star revealed that she cut out carbs and sugar on an intense diet to fit into her Met Gala dress originally worn by Marilyn Monroe.

However, Kim’s weight loss didn’t stop there, and fans fear she’s gone too far as she constantly shares snaps of her constantly slimming body.

On Friday, the TV presenter posted a video of herself wearing a tiny black top that exposed her belly.

Her tiny waist was fully visible in the clip, as were her ribs, which seemed to bulge as she posed next to her friend Lala Anthony, who was dressed all in white.

In an earlier video, Kim gave fans an even closer look at her body by showing off her chiseled abs as she puckered her lips for the camera.

She appeared in the same outfit in a TikTok video that sparked fear among fans due to her recent weight loss.

The mum-of-four took the picture as she appeared on TikTok Iris Palmer during sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday celebration.

When Kim held a drink in one hand and a glass of fruit juice in the other, it seemed that her top was slipping off her.

Fans couldn’t help but take to Reddit to express their thoughts.

One fan wrote, “Ok, she’s actually tiny.”

Another added: “Seriously, how [is] does she do it?”

Fans also spotted Kim wearing Yeezy boots during a new photo shoot.


Fans also spotted Kim wearing Yeezy boots during a new photo shoot.Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian
Kardashian fans praise how 'beautiful' Kim looked before plastic surgery


Kardashian fans praise how ‘beautiful’ Kim looked before plastic surgeryCredit: Entertainment Tonight
Kim showed off her lean figure and chiseled abs at sister Kylie Jenner's birthday party.


Kim showed off her lean figure and chiseled abs at sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday party.1 credit

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