Kardashian fans tell Lamar Odom to ‘leave Khloe alone’ after her ex Tristan Thompson reaffirms love for a child

KARDASHIAN fans told Lamar Odom to “leave Chloe alone” after her ex Tristan Thompson reaffirmed his love for the baby.

Fans had something to say when Lamar, 42, reacted to the latest drama in a Facebook post on Monday.


Kardashian fans begged Lamar to ‘leave Khloe alone’Credit: Getty
He said he hopes to


He said he hopes to “reunite” with the TV presenter.Credit: Getty

Shortly after 30-year-old Tristan posted his Instagram stories on Monday to confirm that he is the father of Maralie Nichols’ child, Chloe Lamar’s ex-husband shared his thoughts on the scandal in a Facebook post.

Lamar wrote: “I sincerely wish her only the best and hope that one day we can meet again and talk as friends.

“She is a good person and deserves peace.”

After Lamar reacted to the scandal, fans shared their reaction in the comments section. Celebrity Comments Post to Instagram.

Many urged 37-year-old Chloe not to give her ex-husband another chance.

One skeptical fan wrote, “Oh, they both need to leave her alone.”

Another told Chloe to “run,” while a third intervened, “The two guys who mistreated her claim to know what she deserves. What an irony. “

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The reaction continued when another Kardashian fan wrote, “Bro, if you had ANY love or respect for her, you wouldn’t treat her the way you do. This applies to everyone in a relationship. “

Another person added, “Oh stfu Lamar.”

Chloe and Lamar were married from 2009 to 2016.


After weeks of legal battles with fitness instructor Marali, Tristan confirmed that he is the father of her child in an Instagram post.

On Monday, the NBA player said: “Today, the paternity test results showed that I became the father of a child with Maralie Nichols.”

He continued, “I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I was looking forward to the opportunity to raise our son together.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone I have offended or disappointed during this ordeal, both publicly and privately.

“Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son together.”

Tristan then turned his attention directly to his ex in a separate Instagram story slide, writing, “Chloe, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I’ve caused you.

“You don’t deserve the way I have treated you over the years. My actions definitely didn’t coincide with how I feel about you.

“I have great respect and love for you, no matter what you think.

“I’m incredibly sorry again.”


On December 1, Marali gave birth to Tristan’s child, a boy, after several months of litigation.

The former fitness instructor has filed a lawsuit seeking financial support for the Canadian sports star.

In the legal documentation, she argued that she and Tristan conceived a child on his birthday back in March.

While Chloe and Tristan were dating “exclusively” at the time, the athlete was known for his infidelity in the past.

Tristan and Chloe have a three-year-old daughter, Tru, and the athlete also has a five-year-old son, Prince, from former Jordan Craig.


Lamar reacted to Tristan’s latest infidelity scandal shortly after he confessed that he dumped actress Taraji P. Henson to pursue a relationship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star.

Appearing on TV One’s uncensored program, Lamar confessed, “It ended with me and Taraji because I was an immature punk and didn’t know how to tell her that I was in love with another woman named Khloe Kardashian.”

The former Lakers player continued, “I just wish I had more respect for women. Maybe I should have respected them more because I didn’t have a mother. For some reason – I don’t know – I just did it. ” “

After meeting Chloe, Lamar admitted that everything had changed in his romance with Taraji.

Lamar recalled: “I will never be on this day because of these eyes. Her eyes are the same shape as my mother’s, Chloes.

“I didn’t even know who she was. I was Lamar Odom. I didn’t care about the Kardashians. But that night changed my life. “

After a stormy wedding, Lamar and Chloe officially divorced in 2016.

While they weren’t together, Chloe and her family were by the side of the athlete after his horrific near-death incident in Nevada in 2015.

Lamar shares his reaction to the latest scandal with Tristan


Lamar shares his reaction to the latest scandal with TristanCredit: Social Media – See Source.
Tristan confirmed that he is the father of Marali's child on Monday


Tristan confirmed that he is the father of Marali’s child on MondayCredit: Maralie Nichols / Instagram.
Lamar reacted to Tristan's statement by saying that he wants to


Lamar reacted to Tristan’s statement by saying that he wants to “reunite” with Chloe.Credit: Instagram
Lamar Odom dumped Taraji P. Henson when he “fell in love” with Khloe Kardashian before she recovered with Tristan Thompson

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