Kardashian fans think Kim used “a tool to make fake tears” after spotting a clue in the background of the KUWTK clip.

KARDASHIAN fans have stated that they believe Kim used “a tool to make fake tears” after noticing a clue in the background of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip.

Both the original Hulu The Kardashians and his E! the series’ predecessor was accused of spoofing moments for television.


Fans are finding a clue that Kim Kardashian is feigning tears in the resurfaced clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashian.1 credit
Kim's crying face became a meme after an episode of KUWTK aired.


Kim’s crying face became a meme after an episode of KUWTK aired.

The famous KUWTK scene depicts Kim Kardashian, 41, confessing to sister Kourtney, 43, that she no longer loves her then-husband Kris Humphreys, 37.

The clip begins with Kim admitting she’s going crazy while she and the former NBA forward had lunch because she “has nothing to talk about with him.”

She continues by admitting that Chris “has a good heart, he’s a Christian, he’s got everything on paper… I want someone, but for some reason my heart won’t connect.”

Kourtney listens to Kim, her emotions hidden behind her famous icy exterior.

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Kim explains that she has been trying to work things out, and while she isn’t, she wants her family to get her back.

It is at this point that some fans suspect that this is a Hollywood hoax.

The SKIMS founder breaks down when she asks her sister, “Do you think I’m fine? I met a guy from Minnesota and I feel terrible for forcing him to move here. [and] change your whole life.”

The camera pans away from Kourtney, landing on Kim with wet cheeks as the reality TV star’s face contorts, causing the now famous, endlessly memoirous, openly mocked Kim to cry.

The screaming TV presenter confesses: “I feel sorry for him, I feel sad, I feel sorry for this guy.”

Kim cries, telling Kourtney that she feels bad for “wasting everyone’s time”, “everyone’s money” and “everything for everything”.

While some Kardashian fans were touched by the Hulu star’s seemingly sincere admission of guilt, others called “bull” what they thought was an overly elaborate façade made for television.

One Redditor stated, “She used a crying stick for this scene and has done so regularly throughout programming.”


Another asked, albeit somewhat jokingly, “What is a weeping stick? Like she’s being beaten with it?”

A third Redditor explained, “No, Kryolan Tear Stick. Actors use it to cry in movies. It is shaped like a tube of lipstick. It contains menthol and camphor. You rub it into the skin under your eyes. let out vapors that rise to the eyes and make the eyes water.”

They continued, “She never touches her eyes to dry her tears. Also, you can see where she was already crying and the mascara had run out. They cut that scene and started again because it wasn’t good enough the first time.”

One Kardashian fan asked, “Can you confirm…or are you just guessing?”

Once again, Redditor backed up the accusation: “The show’s producer confirmed this in the lawsuit. Chris Humphreys also confirmed this.”

They finished by adding, “Chris Humphreys says Kim has her own ‘tear stick’ that can make her look like she’s crying.”


The Kardashians have a history of faking or embellishing parts of the show, more recently some eagle-eyed fans have noticed a sign that an emotional scene has been re-shot.

The moment was supposed to have been filmed in October 2021 as that’s when Travis and Kourtney got engaged.

Kris Jenner, 66, got emotional and wiped away her tears as she read Travis’ text on her phone with her partner Corey Gamble by her side.

Breathless, she read: “A year ago today I fell in love with you, One night with you is all I need.

“You have been one of my best friends for many years. I have admired and adored you for so long. You’re the love of my life”.

Minutes later, Kris called her daughters Kim and Kylie to let them know that Travis and Kourtney’s engagement was still going on.

However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that all of their contact names were listed in 2022 – months after the offer was made.

Kim was listed as “Kimbo 2022” and Kylie was named “Kylie New New 2022”.

During the scene, the girls who spoke on the speakerphone shared their excitement about the upcoming party.

Critics have flooded Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the reality TV stars for “faking” the moment.


One wrote: “Did anyone notice Kris on the phone with Travis and crying over the text he sent her, she called Kim and it said ‘Kimbo 2022’????

“So they re-shot/reproduced/faked that scene? Where is her Emmy? Courtney and Travis got engaged in October 2021, hmmm.”

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Another wrote: “Oh my God, I would never understand this! Damn this show, such a scenario.

A third added, “Seriously, are all the scenes we watch on this show actually real?”

Fans believe that Kim Kardashian used a Hollywood cinematic tool to make herself cry in front of the stage.


Fans believe that Kim Kardashian used a Hollywood cinematic tool to make herself cry in front of the stage.Credit: E!
Kim Kardashian's crying face has been relentlessly ridiculed over the years


Kim Kardashian’s crying face has been relentlessly ridiculed over the yearsCredit: E!
Although fans make fun of her tears, Kim always seems to have the last laugh.


Although fans make fun of her tears, Kim always seems to have the last laugh.Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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