Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno says the band nearly broke up after Tom Meighan quit for hitting his wife

KASABIAN could have gone off the rails after frontman Tom Meighan was kicked out last year.

But guitarist Sergio Pizzorno fronted and helped move them on, and the band is gearing up to release their explosive new album, The Alchemist’s Euphoria, on August 5th.


Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno says the band almost broke up and he didn’t want to be the lead singer after Tom Meighan was fired.Credit: Karsten Windhorst

The band was devastated after frontman Tom Meighan was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for hitting his now wife Vicki Ager.

But as the band moved forward, at an exclusive event at a secret location in London, Serge and his bandmates, drummer Ian Matthews, bassist Chris Edwards and guitarist Tim Carter, unveiled their new album, the seventh in the entire its beauty.

And while Serge may not have been the most promising frontman, he is the perfect replacement and has more than proven himself as the new bandleader on The Alchemist’s Euphoria.

Serega said: “I was really happy, I was a pipe and slippers. I didn’t need a job as a frontman. I was very happy on the side.

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“It keeps me up at night thinking about it. But needs must.

“I love these boys, we are a group of brothers. I needed to take a step forward. Or stops. So it doesn’t matter if I wanted it or not, you have to.

“I watched videos of all the greats and took notes.

“I started recording with Elvis, watched him a little, watched Freddie Mercury a little.

“Stole a little of this, a little of that, stole a little of Iggy Pop. I take a little from everyone.”

And he joked: “Then the Chuckle Brothers got involved. Anyone who is good at things.”

The band’s new album is outstanding and Serge, their main songwriter, has outdone himself in what they have to offer.

Their songs, except for ALYGATYR, which was released last October, and SCRIPTVRE, which was released this month, are heavily guarded.

But I can confirm they are amazing and the sound is even more electric than before.

Serge explained: “It’s a bit of a ferocious start. There are many ideas. In four songs, you will probably hear about eight.

“This is the journey of the alchemist.

“Looking at the sea and wondering: “Should I get on this boat and see what is there, or should I stay at home safe and sound?”

“I think Disney will sue me or Life Of Pi might have something to say.”

Kasabian will perform some of their biggest hits from their five No1 albums as well as ALYGATYR and SCRIPTVRE at Knebworth next week as they open for Liam Gallagher.

And although Serge and the guys are not the first time they arrange massive concerts, Serge admitted that he feels pressure.

He said, “Sometimes in the morning I think, ‘I can’t wait to get back on this damn stage.’

“And sometimes in the morning I think, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this.’

“We needed a party earlier, with covid and all.

“Now we are faced again with a lot of madness in the world, we need a good party.

“And Knebworth is going to be the biggest party ever and we are so happy to be a part of it.

“No one delivers like we do.”

Of course not. Welcome back guys.

Madge Twigs new best friend

NEW girlfriends Madonna and FKA Twigs treated the streets like their own runway after partying together in central London.

It was the second night at the trot when the singers went to the city together.

Madonna and FKA Twigs were photographed after a party together in central London.


Madonna and FKA Twigs were photographed after a party together in central London.1 credit

And they held hands as they walked out of The Twenty Two in Grosvenor Square on Wednesday after a night out on the tile floor.

The day before, they had sat in the front row at the Central Saint Martins graduation fashion show before going outside.

They went to Oswald’s private club in Mayfair in outfits as eccentric as these.

Neither singer revealed how they were introduced to each other, but they’ve been hanging out a lot lately, with Madonna last week sharing a photo on Instagram of her hugging her new friend.

FKA Twigs, real name Talia Barnett, may find that her boyfriend, Matty Healy from The 1975, wants to be introduced to her boyfriend too.

In 2014, he said, “Madonna and Michael Jackson were my two first loves.”

Joy Dec for DJ Daisy

PARTIES are in Daisy Lowe’s genes, but now she has the best job – she gets paid for it.

The model, daughter of Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, got into the spirit of things by DJing at a launch party in London for Gray Goose Essences.

Partying is in Daisy Lowe's genes, but now she has a better job - she gets paid for it.


Partying is in Daisy Lowe’s genes, but now she has a better job – she gets paid for it.

She wore a white crop top and blazer with blue jeans for the event, which also included singers Ella Air and Vanessa White.

One person who wasn’t there was her real estate developer boyfriend Jordan Saul, although it would probably be nice for her to spend some time away from him.

She recently said, “I’ve always known good sex makes me feel so much better – orgasms are so good for relieving stress.”

Speaking about how often they do it, she added: “On a good day, two or three times a day, if it comes to that.”
I only wish that I could relate.

#1 Harry Chases the Eight

HARRY STYLES is set for its eighth week at number one with As It Was this evening, but will have some chart competition next week after a slew of new releases, including from Ed Sheeran.

Today Ed released the deluxe version of his latest album Equals with two new songs: I Will Remember You and Welcome To The World.

Harry Styles is on his eighth week at No. 1 with As It Was


Harry Styles is on his eighth week at No. 1 with As It Was1 credit

The album will also include the songs One Life and Penguin, partly featured in the 2019 film Yesterday.

Lots of other new releases today too, including Calvin Harris’ “Potion” featuring Dua Lipa and Young Thug.

In another three-way collaboration, Ann-Marie teamed up with Naked and Latto on a light tune, I Just Called, which sampled Stevie Wonder.

But while he called to say he loves you, Anne-Marie calls to say he hates you.


Liam spends the night Maya

LIAM PAYNE got into hot water with his ex-fiancee Maya Henry.

Friends of the American model accused the One Direction singer of not telling her that their relationship was over.

Liam Payne got into trouble with his ex-fiance Maya Henry


Liam Payne got into trouble with his ex-fiance Maya Henry1 credit
Liam moved on from engagement to Maya to model Aliana.


Liam moved on from engagement to Maya to model Aliana.1 credit

Maya hides out in London with friends, telling her friends that she is heartbroken over the breakup, which she says came out of the blue.

Liam’s pals insisted Maya was wrong about the breakup, and now he’s worried that their breakup could go bad, especially after he’s started a new romance with American model Aliana Maula.

A source said: “All of this is not what Liam wanted and it has all become very public and quite dirty.

“He hopes that he and Maya can now just go their separate ways. People around her are worried that she might talk about their relationship, and given how angry she is at their breakup, this is far from ideal.”

This week, Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that Liam has moved on from his engagement to Maya with model Aliana.

He returned with her to the capital after a short break in the US ahead of Soccer Aid next week, where Liam captains England in a charity football game.

After he showed Maya the red card and brought his new transfer girlfriend… I think the game may have gone to his head already.

Spaceman Sam’s Rise of Wealth

HE may have missed out on winning Eurovision and a #1 single, but Space Man singer Sam Ryder is about to see his bank account skyrocket.

New documents show he made £59,000 last year through his performing arts company – working over £1,000 a week – following his success as a viral artist on TikTok.

Space Man vocalist Sam Ryder is about to see his bank balance rocket


Space Man vocalist Sam Ryder is about to see his bank balance rocket1 credit

But after his incredible Eurovision performance in Turin this month, he is expected to earn a lot more.

Space Man took second place last Friday and is now preparing to release another single with a tour planned for the end of the year.

He also has a debut album in the works and has been advised to get rich on social media now that he has even more followers.

Sam has amassed over 140,000 fans on Instagram in the 24 hours since his performance at the Eurovision Grand Final and, according to research by betting site Odds Scanner, he can now fetch over £10,000 for a sponsored post on the platform.

Prior to his success, Sam worked as a construction worker, wedding singer, and ran a vegan juice bar.

Something tells me that his current job will be much more profitable than all three combined.

What a legend

JOHN LEGEND is preparing to release his eighth solo studio album, and it will be his longest.

Yesterday I was invited to a secret party to listen to some tracks from his upcoming album, which he said will be released this summer.

John Legend is preparing to release his eighth solo studio album


John Legend is preparing to release his eighth solo studio album1 credit

He said: “This is a double album. We haven’t finished the master yet, but it will be about 20 or 22 songs.”

Fans can look forward to the release of the first single next month, and despite being a jam-packed album, many songs weren’t included.

He added, “There will be about 60 tracks that I wrote for him and you won’t hear them.

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“I wanted it to feel big, global and joyful.

“I also have some introspective tracks on the album, but I wanted the singles to be welcoming and exciting.”

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