Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox on Why the Underworld Franchise Was Revolutionary for Women

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival where she attended the premiere of her new film The Prisoner’s Daughter, Beckinsale explained that the concept of a woman leading an action-horror franchise like Underworld was not an easy sell. when it was first introduced to studio executives.

“I do think that at the time I was making this movie, there was a lot of pretty disturbing talk about it being the female lead. Would anyone go for it?” she recalls. “I know that these are completely different conversations that are now being conducted in the same vein. This is fine. Young girls are now very used to female action movies and superhero movies.”

Appearing with her at the festival, Beckinsale’s The Prisoner’s Daughter co-star, esteemed Scottish actor Brian Cox, confirmed that Beckinsale’s central role in Underworld helped break the industry’s cliches about women and their “traditional” relationships. movie roles.

“She was definitely a trailblazer in that sense,” the Descendants star said. “That was key, and it’s very important to change the parameters of how we deal with women in film. It has become much more sophisticated and much more truthful. They are not just supplements, which they have been for a long time. great movies and there are great actresses like Katy Hepburn and someone else you would certainly never call an adjunct… The climate was so hard on these women and [Kate’s] helped destroy this climate.”

The Prisoner’s Daughter premiered last week at the Toronto International Film Festival. Underworld movies can be watched online on Prime Video, Vudu and other platforms.

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