Kate Beckinsale was taken to hospital in Las Vegas during the filming of ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’

Kate Beckinsale is currently. In the shooting of his new film in Las Vegas, The prisoner’s daughter., But unfortunately had to check in at a nearby hospital.

The 48-year-old actress felt as if her back had slipped around 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 9. He was rushed to the emergency room where doctors treated him all weekend.

After being silent all weekend, the actress went to Instagram on Sunday to share a photo of herself in a hospital bed. Wrapped on the forehead. Followers can see the hospital’s wrist band as well as the IV.

Beckinsale did not give any details about what happened to him, but thanked the fans for coming at this terrible time.

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Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram.

She wrote, “Feeling better. Thank you very much for your kind messages and love.”

Kate Beckinsale belonged to Pete Davidson. Back in 2019 and more recently in 2020 from musician Goody Grace. He dated Michael Shane back in the 90’s and he Share daughter Lily Shane together.

Her daughter lives in New York and is currently acting like her famous parents. Lily played Nicholas Cage’s daughter. Unbearable weight of great talent. And she has played minor roles in some of her mother’s films.

Currently , Kate Beckinsale is single. And focus on your career and promote your new film.

Kate is best known for her role in the movies.: Serendipity, Click, Van Helsing, Pearl Harbor, And Underworld. Her new film. The prisoner’s daughter. It is about a woman who is struggling to reconnect with her father after spending a decade in prison.

Beckinsale shared a post on Thursday, a day before his last event, on the set.

Her latest Instagram post was shared on Thursday, in which Beckinsale wears a flowing, white dress and black combat boots with her legs open. He captioned the photo, “F #Vegas.. ”

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Kate Beckinsale in San Diego.

Kate has no history of serious health problems, so it is still unknown what her current condition is. She is reportedly still in ER but appears to be recovering.

Please keep Kate in your thoughts and prayers.

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Kate Beckinsale is beautiful.
20 photos of Kate Beckinsale.

Although Kate is an experienced actress who has acted in some big budget movies, her dating life has increased her popularity in the last few months.

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