Kate Lawler glues two sanitary pads together to make a face mask, accidentally leaving her at home

Kate Lawler drove fans to hysterics by gluing two sanitary pads together to make a face mask after accidentally leaving her home at home.

The TV star posted a video about her creative invention on social networks and joked that it was “this or Omicron” when she filmed herself on the train.


Kate revealed that she had to glue two pads together to form a face mask.Credit: instagram
The star shared a hilarious video with her fans on Instagram


The star shared a hilarious video with her fans on InstagramCredit: instagram

Kate, 41, posted clips to Instagram from a train ride in which she had to use two sanitary napkins glued together to cover her nose and mouth.

The video showed the mother of one child staring blankly at the camera as she zoomed in on her eyes, telling her followers not to “judge” her.

“I forgot my mask, but I found two sanitary pads in my backpack,” she wrote over the hilarious video. “Do not judge. This or Omicron. “

Kate continued in the caption, “If you told me in January 2020 that in two years time I would stick two sanitary pads on my face to create an impromptu mask on the train, I would think you were drunk.”

Her friends and fans were left laughing after the video, and TV presenter Lauren Pope began the comments with a series of laughing emoticons.

DJ Ashley James added more emojis, and Big Brother star Narinder Kaur chimed in, “I just died.

This happened shortly after the new mom took a break from social media last year because she didn’t “feel” after giving birth.

Sharing a photo of herself with her fiancé Martin “Boy” Boytos, the 41-year-old told her followers, “I’m really sorry I haven’t posted messages for a while.

“When I don’t feel myself, it’s better if I don’t tell stories. Thanks a lot for all your messages, I’m fine. “

Kate welcomed her daughter this February and earned praise for her open and honest talk about motherhood.

The radio host previously said that in the first eight weeks of motherhood, she ended up in “the darkest place” she had ever been, and that she ended up offended by Boy for wanting a baby.

She previously told Fabulous magazine: “He really wanted to be a father, and at first he was a little worried about him, thinking that he made me do it. Like, “God, she’ll blame me for this …”

“And yes, I definitely had resentment thoughts, moments where I thought to myself, ‘Why did I let him convince me that this would be a good idea? ”

“Why did we do this? Why did I do this? I kept asking him if he knew it would be so difficult? Did he think things would be just as bad?

“There were times when I could say that he felt broken too, and I felt like he hated me because I was so depressed.

“And I was afraid to tell him how depressed I was. Having a baby really puts pressure on your relationship.

“But fortunately, Boy is not like me! He is so calm and patient. He was my support. ”

Kate got engaged to her partner in 2018 and the couple are planning to get married next year after being postponed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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