Kate McKinnon Returns to SNL and Billie Eilish Breaks Character

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“We put the hospital in hospitality.”

He opened the show with an impression of Anthony Fauci in the cold open of the episode.

The writers celebrated Kate’s return in almost every sketch with host and musical guest Billie Eilish, and the last sketch of the night was easily the funniest.

Billy and Kate play staff at the “Business Garden Hotel & Suites & Hotel Room Inn,” the most dreary but unstable hotel ever built.

As for “Kathlin” and “Kathryn”, he made no effort to hide how mediocre his hotel was.

And it didn’t take long for Billy and Kate to fight their own giggles.

Billy especially had difficulty holding it together while Kate clutched him in the arm.

Rounding out the hotel staff were Eddie Bryant as the frazzled concierge and Billy’s brother, Phineas, as the bellhop/valet/night manager/in-house doctor.

In the end, Billy and Kate cap it off by listing “all the less sparkly moments in life” that the hotel would be perfect to host.

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