Kate Middleton criticized the behavior of Prince Louis on the platinum anniversary | a photo

Prince Louis once again outshone everyone with his wild antics on the balcony – and this has called into question the upbringing of Kate Middleton.

Prince Louis once again proved to be the main attraction at the anniversary event, making faces and even gagging his mother, Kate Middleton, as the royals watched the entertainment on the last day of the festivities.

During the platinum anniversary pageant outside Buckingham Palace, the four-year-old clenched his fists, bounced in his seat and made a plethora of exaggerated expressions as he sat with his family in the royal box.

Social media exploded with reactions to the comedic display, but not everyone was impressed.

“At what point do we go from ‘wow, what a touching moment for a baby’ to ‘wow, you’re not in control of your kids?’ Because it’s a video (edible emoji),” wrote one user.

“I just think that an expert at an early age will have a better understanding of what events your 4-year-old child can handle and what he can’t. And maybe understanding how to control them a little in public. There is a whole gap between the robotic and the outright misbehaving.

“And to be clear, I am criticizing the parents here. I don’t make fun of the child, I don’t find fault with the child and other nonsense that someone will say. ”

“What’s cute now isn’t cute as a teenager,” added another. “Parents have a short window to create a bond between parents and children. This means parents need to set boundaries and stick to them.”

“If it’s the lack of discipline and limitations they come up with, then I think that’s how you get adults like William,” wrote another. “Harry is a real miracle.”

But others thought the criticism was inappropriate.

“That is why Meghan and Harry do not want to make their children available for public viewing. Can you imagine the reaction if Archie did this??? Children should not go through this,” one of them replied.

However, most royal observers seemed to be delighted with Prince Louis’s behaviour.

It comes after Prince Louis also stole the show during the Trooping the Color parade and overpass on Thursday.

The young prince beamed and chatted with his great-grandmother the Queen as they watched the show from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Kate was seen whispering into little Louie’s ear before he frantically waves at passing planes.

Prince Louis and his older sister Charlotte continued to playfully wave their hands while the rest of the royal family smiled at the adorable children.

The Queen pointed off into the distance before chatting again passionately with Louis, perhaps to turn his attention to the last RAF overflight.

But then the giggling Louis began to jump in place, despite the fact that his mother seemed to whisper soothing words to him.

The young prince then turned to his great-grandmother and asked her an animated question as she smiled back at the four-year-old.

Louis and Princess Charlotte then grabbed their ears and covered them as booming noises swept overhead.

And as a group of red arrows flew past, Louis’ jaw seemed to drop as the prince turned back to the queen in bewilderment at the amazing sight before waving to the approaching planes.

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