Kate Middleton Wears Queen’s Procession Brooch Shows Power Over Meghan Markle

98. At least this is the number of brooches that belonged to Her Majesty the Queen, which she used with diplomatic dexterity worthy of the UN. Time and time again, Her Majesty, the woman who never gave a single interview, only told the world what she thought when she chose the brooch.

There could be no better example than when tangerine porn star proposition-payer and far-right apologist Donald Trump made a state visit in 2018.

During the trip, she wore three things: a brooch given to her by Barack and Michelle Obama, two people Trump clearly dislikes; one that was a gift from Canada, a country Trump clearly dislikes; and one worn by the Queen Mother to the funeral of her husband George VI, whose grim connotations need no explanation.

Well played, ma’am.

So, are we supposed to assume that her granddaughter Kate, the new Princess of Wales, quietly took notice of this semaphore-through-carat approach?

On Thursday night, the royal family appeared en masse in public for the first time, all in black and looking truly devastated, for the Queen’s final trip from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where she will now be in state.

Princes William and Harry took part in the procession behind the gun carriage carrying Her Majesty’s coffin through the streets of London, with tens of thousands of people lined along the route, the images of the brothers being eerie echoes of them performing the same grim task for almost exactly 25 minutes. many years ago.

Meanwhile, their wives Kate and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, traveled to Westminster Hall by car with Camilla, Queen Consort, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

(Why didn’t Kate and Meghan travel together? Priority dictated that the queen and queen-to-be received the highest bills in the column.)

When the group arrived at the 900-year-old building, it became apparent that the Princess of Wales had accessorized her outfit with an accessory she only occasionally wears, namely a brooch. In this case, it is a huge pearl and diamond brooch given to her by Her Majesty, and it is so large that it borders on the comic.

Meghan pulled out a “touching tribute” card too, wearing the modest pearl and diamond earrings the Queen gave her in 2018.

The backstory here is really cute. Just six weeks after the sumptuous and lavish royal wedding of the Sussexes, the Sovereign, in a truly blatant but no less kind gesture, took Meghan with him to a rare joint engagement, and the duo traveled on the Royal Train. (Kate would have to wait until 2019, almost nine years after her marriage, to receive the same privilege.)

And it was while Her Majesty and Meghan were on a train ride, chugging, chugging, chugging through the countryside, that the sovereign gave the newest royal recruit these earrings and a matching necklace.

So we have two royal wives, two heaps of beautiful jewelry, and it all sounds pretty much the same on paper.

But if there’s one thing the royal family isn’t, never has been, and absolutely never will be, it’s equality.

Meghan, while speaking with Gloria Stein in 2020, may have been promoting the idea that women should be “tied, not ranked,” but that message hasn’t yet penetrated the dying walls of Buckingham Palace.

What is a monarchy if not one millennium-old exercise in ranking?

If anyone ever doubted this indisputable fact, it was enough to look at the sparklers with which Her Majesty awarded her daughters-in-law. This by no means means that the difference in grandeur reflected royal feelings, but simply an all-pervading hierarchy.

William and Harry were raised by their mother on a strictly level and even-handed playing field, but the huge discrepancy in their destinies always made itself felt. One of them always ended with his face being slapped on stamps and Parliament opened; the other is visiting treatment facilities and recycling centers. (Well, that’s what Princess Anne has been doing for years.)

There was always going to be a fork in the road for William and Harry when that illusion of equality shattered and life took them apart, but the younger prince did indeed go far, far off-road and into the wild when he and Meghan orchestrated their explosive exit from The Firm. .

It’s impossible not to wonder what it must be like for Meghan to be dealing with this situation right now, especially when she spotted a heap of diamonds and pearls pinned to Kate’s black dress?

It’s not like they can avoid the prickly priority issue, made even more nasty by their departure this week.

For example, take the situation with Sophie. Prior to Megxit, Meghan was outclassed by Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who is married to Prince Edward, 13th in line to the throne, one of those unfulfilled theater and television dreams. However, at the ceremony at Westminster Hall, it was the Duchess, no longer ancestral to Windsor, who found herself at the end of the line of royal consorts.

According to reports, the dirty business of the hierarchy is something that both Harry and Meghan have struggled with.

In his recent book Revengeveteran biographer Tom Bauer writes of the “duchess’s indignation at the palace’s keen sense of reverence and hierarchy”.

He writes that in 2018, during her first appearance on the Palace’s balcony in The Color Picker, Meghan “was distressed by the royal family’s adherence to hierarchy in conversations before stepping onto the balcony” and that “she didn’t like the automatic the assumption that she was younger than Kate. She believed that she should be treated as an equal. Harry sympathized.

Tina Brown, author Palace documentstold the Washington Post earlier this year that by appearing on suits, “Always been the number six actress on the call list… Basically, in Prince Harry, she also married number six on the call list.

“So in terms of the palace hierarchy, in terms of the monarchy, Harry was a great addition to the royal line, but he really wasn’t going to get that kind of status, that kind of pull in terms of appointments. … everything you get, of course, when you are first in line.”

In 2019, before the world knew about Megxit, Meghan told interviewer Tom Bradby: “I never thought it would be easy. But I thought it would be fair.”

But when did “fair” have anything to do with an institution that literally ranks people? Where even the way the participants sometimes stand is strictly dictated? Where blood always wins over merit, commitment and hard work?

For Harry and Meghan, their lower place in the Palace food chain, as opposed to the even higher heights now occupied by Wales, is inevitable this week. To paraphrase Shakira, the darling of the Welsh family, the brooches don’t lie.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal expert with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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