Kate Winslet and Titanic’s Leonardo DiCaprio only had 15 minutes to capture that iconic first kiss

Director James Cameron carefully planned the kiss scene between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) at the bow of the ship, but the cast and crew only had 15 minutes to capture the magic on film. “We put in a kiss in rehearsals a few weeks before the scheduled time,” Cameron said in an interview. GQ.


“Like a football match on your lips, right?” Cameron explained DiCaprio and Winslet’s choreography in the same interview. “But they are both so analytical, they loved it. So we knew what we were going to do.” Cameron also explained that he had exhausted nearly his entire outdoor filming schedule, so when it came time to retry the kiss, everyone was in a race with “the elements” to film the scene. “We actually planned the first day outdoors just in case we had a good sunset and it never looked good,” the director said.

With one last chance to capture a pivotal romantic moment between Jack and Rose, Cameron battled the weather. “It was overcast,” he said in the same interview. However, 15 minutes before the sun disappeared below the horizon, Cameron took a breather. “Guys, we have a sunset!” recalled the director shouting the good news on the set, and everyone ran to the bow of the ship. According to Cameron, once Winslet took her place, it didn’t take her a second to prepare.

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