Katharine McPhee criticized Little People’s Isabelle for protecting her husband after showing off her thin body after giving birth

LITTLE People, Big World star Isabelle Roloff called Katharine McPhee “embarrassing” after she defended her husband David Foster’s post praising her body after having a baby.

American Idol alum gave birth to their first child with David, T.K., in February.


Katharine McPhee defends husband David Foster after he splashed on her body after giving birthCredit: Instagram / David Foster.
Isabelle Roloff described his defense as


Isabelle Roloff described his defense as “embarrassing”Credit: Instagram / isabelsofiarock

It all started with David’s post in which Katherine, T.K., is sitting on the grass in a bikini.

He signed controversial rig: “Which child!”

Fans criticized the music producer for pointing out the thinness of his wife, and at that moment she rushed to protect him.

She shared similar photo on her account, calling this dispute “stupid.”

Her caption read: “Okay, the press around the photo of my husband that he posted with me is so dumb … so I hope this photo helps, I’m sorry, but we’re not sorry. And for all of you who can’t come to terms with perhaps this will help.

“I have been struggling with weight for all my 20s and 30s. I went up and down 10 times. Does it make you feel better?

“There is nothing wrong with that – most people love. I love this baby weight without diet. Zero. Diets are the worst and I don’t have any pressure from anyone. I let my body do its thing and found a great workout. Here is And guess what? I’ll probably gain weight again at some point. Who cares?

“BUT people who worry about what my husband signed are seriously getting a life … Stop being so upset about what people post that have no impact on your life, and move on. Maybe you should have more of this attitude. Let’s just say … “Oh, how good, he thinks that his wife is hot.” ​​I can’t communicate with this overly sensitive society right now.

“But like Taylor Swift said, haters will hate goodbye.”

Isabelle, who just had a baby of her own earlier this month, took a screenshot of the post and shared it on her Instagram story, writing, “This caption is such an embarrassing helper.”


She also shared a post from another content creator who discussed the issue with the post in more detail.

Katie Sturino, who created video, said in the video: “No, no, no, no, no. Women’s bodies are supposed to change after they have children, and even if they don’t have children.

“Look at these headlines going around and now you’ve just had a baby and now you’re reading this fucking thing and you’re thinking, ‘Why didn’t I bounce back? “Just give up this whole conversation because it’s all bulls ** t.”

Some fans seemed to agree.

One of the commentators wrote: “Twist.”

Another commented, “Thanks for that !!! Disgusting. “

A third wrote: “I am sad to think that now she will feel that she should always look as if life never existed. God damn it, life happens. Let’s live. “


While most people seemed to be on the side of Isabelle and others who disagreed with David’s post, Katherine found a lot of support from fans, friends, and family.

Her stepdaughters, Erin and Sarah Foster, came to her defense during the drama.

Erin, 39, wrote in a comment: “If I can accept my stepmother like this, you certainly can.

“The photos have not been altered or filtered, and she has not undergone surgery. You can’t shame someone for feeling cute after baby, whether she has stretch marks or six packs. Leave her alive. “

Sarah, 40, also found a few words for critics, writing: “If you had cellulite and stretch marks in the photo, and the caption was the same, we would all celebrate his post.

“But you don’t, and it shouldn’t be celebrated. Also, your baby was born almost a year ago, not yesterday. postpartum photos with their full body liposuction, filters and reshaping apps that make us all feel like crap. Crazy people “.

Mom is fighting

Isabelle openly told fans about her problems since giving birth, and also shared the joy of her mother’s life.

She recently posted a snapshot of her son Mateo’s “magical” experience on the first snow.

The message came after she admitted that she felt “lonely and isolated” after giving birth.

She herself just had a baby a few weeks ago.


She herself just had a baby a few weeks ago.Credit: Instagram / isabelsofiarock
Other online creators have also criticized Katherine and David.


Other online creators have also criticized Katherine and David.Credit: Instagram / isabelsofiarock
The couple welcomed their son in February


The couple welcomed their son in FebruaryCredit: Getty
Jacob Roloff and Little People’s wife Isabelle introduce Audrey and husband Jeremy to their newborn son Mateo after years of feud

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