Katharine McPhee slams back bikini photo critics

Katharine McPhee defended her husband after he received backlash for complimenting her body after giving birth.

Katharine McPhee slams back bikini photo critics

Katharine McPhee claps back her critics and defends her husband David Foster after he received backlash online for sharing a photo of his wife. The producer, who is almost twice his wife’s age, left a signature under the picture, which some people did not like, who accused him of being out of touch with reality.

Katharine McPhee’s husband seemed to compliment her body after the baby was born, which was a little upsetting.

In case you missed it, the 72-year-old shared a photo of his wife in a bikini with the caption “What a kid!” Presumably he meant american idol a slender figure of alum after childbirth. They had a boy, Rennie Foster, in February this year.


While some of the comments on the post were positive, the vast majority were critical. People in the comments read his remark. perpetuated the idea that women should lose weight after childbirth.

One of the main comments on the post accused the producer of spreading an unhealthy story about a woman’s body after having a baby. A user wrote: “Yeah, let’s perpetuate the unhealthy story that women should return to postpartum size or less than their pre-pregnancy size.”

Another said, “This post shows how out of touch with reality it is.”

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McPhee shot critics by telling them to move on.

It didn’t take long Country Comfort star to snarl at critics. The 37-year-old shared a photo in a stunning red one-piece swimsuit.

“I’m sorry, but we’re not sorry.” She signed the photo.

Kat said she lost weight without even trying: “I lost weight without a diet. Zero. The diets are the worst, and no one put pressure on me. ” The singer said she just lets her body do its thing and that she “found a great workout.”

But she admitted the possibility that in the future she could “gain some weight.” The thought of gaining weight didn’t seem to bother her, and she asked, “What’s the difference?”

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The actress said that “people who are worried about what my husband wrote” need to “get serious about life” and that they should “stop being so offended by what people post that have no impact on your life, and move on”.

After provoking her husband’s critics, McPhee wrote that “she cannot live in this overly sensitive society right now.” And he ended with the wise words of Taylor Swift: “Haters will hate bye.”

Shortly after posting, the star hit Instagram again. She shared the story with a screenshot of the post and wrote, “It was so nice to post this.”

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